Vehicle Financing


You’ve done exhaustive research and found the automobile you’ve always dreamed about.
vehicle-financingYou’ve saved up for a down payment, and the new ride is going to fit into your monthly bills without breaking your budget. Now, all that’s left is to get vehicle financing. Whether you are a first-time buyer or automobile-financing veteran, it’s at this point in the process that additional questions start to come up. Being an auto-finance provider, RoadLoans has heard a lot of questions regarding vehicle financing before and we have the answers. The following are some of the more common questions, including questions about financing a car with no credit.
We approve you for the maximum amount you can borrow. If there is additional income to consider, we will review the loan to see if it qualifies for an increase. If the income is less, the amount financed may decrease. Your Preferred Dealer may be able to provide additional financing options.
We attempt to accommodate customers with all levels of credit.
The rate is based on the overall credit portfolio, so we have given you the best rate we have to offer at this time. Your Preferred Dealer may be able to provide additional financing options.
We have provided you with the closest Preferred Dealer in our network and are confident your Preferred Dealer will be able to provide you the best customer experience.
We prefer you shop at a dealer within our preferred network, especially the Preferred Dealer to which we have referred you. We have a good working relationship with the dealers in our network and know that they will work with our customers to get them the best deal, as well as possibly having other financing for you to review. If you still would like to shop at any dealer, you have that option.
Yes. But the dealership must be willing to finance the taxes from the buyer’s state.
The rate may be adjusted based on the vehicle you purchase and amount you finance. Please have the dealer call in to structure the loan.
We need a current year-to-date pay stub and will allow an electric bill, credit card statement or installment bill dated within the last 30 days.All documentation must reflect the approved applicant’s name. Proof of residence must reflect the approved applicant’s physical address (PO Box is not acceptable). Where an approved applicant’s income cannot be proven via a standard W2 paystub (for example, self-employed or retirement income), please contact a RoadLoans representative for further direction.
Hopefully these questions and answers were helpful. If you still have other questions about getting vehicle financing, visit our Resources page, or call our toll-free customer service number at (888) 276-7202.