When to buy another car, top-rated used vehicles and more
Shopping for a used vehicle? Trying to decide whether now is the time for another car – new or used? If you answered “yes” to either question – or want to learn more about Ford pickup trucks’ 100th anniversary or which cars get the most traffic tickets – the Santander Consumer USA blog can provide some useful information. While there’s lots of great information on the RoadLoans blog, following are some links to the best recent content on the related SC blog if you want to read more:     The right time for another car? Is it time to… Read More

Finding an auto loan during bankruptcy
  When financial setbacks occur, bankruptcy is sometimes the best way forward. Life moves on and, for most people, a car is essential to that process. But can you get a car loan while in bankruptcy? It depends, in part, on the type of bankruptcy for which you’re filing. The two common forms of personal bankruptcy are Chapter 13 and Chapter 7. Financing while in Chapter 13 bankruptcy Chapter 13 enables a debtor with a steady income to keep hold of property they might otherwise lose to the bankruptcy process. A plan is created to pay creditors all or part… Read More

What you should know about flood-damaged cars
Be aware of the risks before making a purchase     The devastating effects of Hurricanes Harvey and Irma are far reaching and, as the damage is assessed, it’s been estimated that up to a million vehicles may have been flooded. Not all flooded cars will be dealt with properly, though. Unfortunately, it’s likely that many will be cleaned up and sold without the damage being disclosed. So if you’re in the market for a used car, there are some things you should know to avoid making a potentially costly mistake. 1. The vehicle could be ruined Flood damage can… Read More

Should you buy a certified used vehicle?
  No car buyer wants to pay good money for a vehicle only to be lumbered with reliability problems. So how to do you make a good buy? If you’re purchasing a used car, you’ll probably encounter the option of choosing a certified preowned (CPO) vehicle. These cars are typically models that have been thoroughly inspected and reconditioned by a factory-trained mechanic to meet manufacturer guidelines, and come with an extended warranty. Most automakers offer certified preowned programs, and when someone returns a lease vehicle or trades in, the dealership will consider it for the CPO program. Not all certified… Read More

Useful car terms to know
Talking about cars can get complicated at times, especially if you’re not familiar with the terminology. The following articles explain some automotive terms you may come across in different situations, from trading in a vehicle to getting a service. Click the headlines to learn more.     Car terms to know when trading in your vehicle Walk into the dealership with the confidence to negotiate a better deal by understanding the likes of “trade-in allowance,” an “upside down loan” and “rolling over.”   Car terms to know when getting a service Have you ever got your car serviced without knowing… Read More

Great reasons to shop for a car over Labor Day weekend
  … and how to save time when you’re there.     With the end of the summer near, Labor Day marks a time of change, and, for car buyers, that presents one of the best times of year to shop. New 2018-model-year cars are starting to arrive at dealerships, which makes it a good weekend to check out the latest vehicles. It also means dealers are looking to move 2017 models to make space for them, and that spells great deals and discounts. With dealerships across the country offering sales events for limited periods, expect them to be busier… Read More

Get ready for National Tailgating Day and a feast of football
  The smell of burgers on the grill, the sound of a beverage being popped open, the sea of colors that show a tidal wave of support for your team. It could be any college football weekend but, this Saturday, the excitement, anticipation and revelry will be cranked up a notch when National Tailgating Day celebrates the new season. Having kicked off on Aug. 26, we’re already into the action, yet Sep. 2 offers a true feast of football throughout the day, and across the nation, with 61 fixtures on the card. According to who you listen to, Alabama, Ohio… Read More

Used-car satisfaction, and the models owners would buy again
  Buying a car is a process of questions and answers. Even more so if you’re buying a used vehicle. For example, there’s the matter of when you might want to change your current car, and, when the time is right, what model you should buy and how old it should be. Consumer Reports aims to help you with the answers to such questions. Its 2016 auto satisfaction survey gathered the views of 225,935 subscribers on how satisfied they are with their vehicle, taking into account things like driving experience and comfort, and whether they would buy it again. In… Read More

Credit: Nissan/Newspress USA
Welcome to August’s roundup of auto news. Check out some of the stories to hit the headlines in the motoring press this month.     10 Great back-to-school cars for 2017 When back to school moves on from getting a good set of pencils to a good set of wheels, it’s helpful to have some solid recommendations to steer you in the right direction. Whether you’re a parent buying a car for your high school teenager or you’re heading off to college, Kelley Blue Book’s ten-best list, updated for 2017, will help you walk into the showroom feeling prepared and… Read More

How checking the car title can help you make good buying decisions
  Car titles are one of the basic parts of vehicle ownership, and knowing a little about them, and what details to look out for, will help you when it comes time to buy, sell or transfer ownership of a car. Starting off with an explanation of what a car title is, this article tells you what information it contains, how it may affect your buying decision, how to transfer a title, and also covers different types of car titles you may come across. Whether you’re looking at the paper title while checking out a vehicle in person or viewing… Read More

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