Cyber Monday deals for your car: accessories
Black Friday marks a high profile start to a holiday season of new car deals that is gaining popularity. But if you’re happy with your current vehicle, Cyber Monday could be a day for you to save money on car products and accessories. Here’s a selection of Cyber Monday deals for your wheels, and some suggestions for how they could enhance your ride. Car DVD player Something to entertain the kids while you go on a road trip or even carpool. Backseat movies can calm them down and keep them distracted, so they are not distracting you while driving. Best… Read More

Black Friday car sales beckon
  The season is almost upon us. Carmakers and dealerships are offering deep discounts to entice shoppers into showrooms for Black Friday car sales. Black Friday advertising started early for several manufacturers this year, adding to the growth of an event that kicks off a whole holiday season of car sales during November and December. No longer are shoppers simply heading to malls for bargain-priced electronic goods, clothes and the like. The day after Thanksgiving offers “some of the sweetest deals of the year” on cars, according to Forbes, as the auto industry follows a trend set by the retail… Read More

The vending machine that dispenses cars
  Looking to fill up on auto news? We’ve clocked some miles traversing the Web for all things auto-related. Pull in, grab a coffee and digest some of the week’s most interesting news with us.   “Giant car vending machine serves up hot new wheels,” The Huffington Post A refreshing break from the norm. Car buyers can now get their hands on a new car from a vending machine, a bit like getting a can of soda. Online auto retailer Carvana is enabling customers to buy a car online and opt to receive the vehicle through the “fully-automated pick-up experience,”… Read More

Car terms to know: winter tires and snow chains
Winter driving presents its own challenges and it’s easy to get caught unprepared when encountering snow and ice. These explanations of winter tires and snow chains may give you the knowledge to make some hard journeys a little easier when conditions are tough. Winter tires (or snow tires) Winter tires are made to handle low temperatures, ice and snow through a special tread compound that remains flexible in those cold conditions, improving grip. All-season tires, on the other hand, are designed to provide traction on wet and dry roads and in light snow. The all-season tire tread compound will harden… Read More

3 Thanksgiving getaways to remember
Thanksgiving is a great holiday to take some days off, spend time with those around you and reflect on life’s many gifts. This long weekend, whether it is a few days off from work or school, can also be an opportunity to get away. During this beautiful season the fall leaves and sweater weather really add to the feeling of Thanksgiving. Although I may still be wearing shorts in Texas, I know that traveling home to Chicago will really get me in the holiday mood. Chicago In fact, Chicago is one of the best places for a Thanksgiving getaway this… Read More

Holiday car deals coming earlier
  Looking to fill up on auto news? We’ve clocked some miles traversing the Web for all things auto-related. Pull in, grab a coffee and digest some of the week’s most interesting news with us.   "Holiday car deals move earlier in November: 4 things to consider if you’re in the market,” U.S. News Some good news if you’re looking to buy a car. Automakers are mimicking traditional retailers with discounts well ahead of the holidays, reports U.S. News, which means “car buyers will reap good deals for a longer time.” General Motors, which has already started advertising Black Friday… Read More

“Drive kind” for World Kindness Day
  One of the most important teachings in life is to be safe. Always looking both ways before crossing a street, wearing your seatbelt and being a careful driver, for instance. When I leave the house, my mom always says, “Drive safe.” These cautious measures help keep us out of harm’s way and allow us to live healthy lives. Another value that I think a majority of people deem to be extremely important is kindness. My parents raised me with the instructions to always be kind to others. Kindness is everywhere − in schools, on the streets, in friendships and… Read More

Hamilton seeks to maintain F1 rhythm in Brazil
  Newly crowned Formula 1 champion Lewis Hamilton will be hoping for a carnival atmosphere entering the season’s home stretch in Brazil this weekend. But Nico Rosberg still has the speed and intent to spoil his party, judging by his recent victory in Mexico. On this penultimate race of 2015, at Interlagos, Sao Paulo, the German will be determined to remind his British team-mate he’ll be driving hard again next year − and positioning himself for a potential first world title. Brazil could be extra special for Hamilton Both Hamilton and his team, Mercedes, have had commanding seasons, claiming the… Read More

Hyundai enters luxury market, Bentley enters Outback
  Looking to fill up on auto news? We’ve clocked some miles traversing the Web for all things auto-related. Pull in, grab a coffee and digest some of the week’s most interesting news with us.   "Hyundai Motor launches luxury car brand, aims for 6 models by 2020,” U.S. News Hyundai is joining the table for a slice of the luxury vehicle market with the launch of its premium car brand Genesis. It will initially have a lineup of two models, one of which is the existing namesake sedan, the other, a flagship car, to launch next month. Hyundai was… Read More

Bond’s new Aston Martin: a rundown on his ride
Let’s cut to the chase. For car enthusiasts, the true star of “Spectre” is likely to be the Aston Martin DB10, specifically designed for the 24th James Bond movie that is released tomorrow. Just ten of these sports cars have been created, all for this single 007 movie (the most expensive production to date), seven of which were destroyed in filming. One is reportedly being auctioned off next year. Understandably, the model has been described as “the most exclusive DB ever” by the British carmaker’s chief executive, Andy Palmer. It was, in fact, created through collaboration between Marek Reichman, Aston… Read More