Audi A8 speeds back to the silver screen in “The Transporter: Refueled”
The Audi A8 returns to the big screen this week to star in “The Transporter: Refueled,” the latest installment in a series of films created by Luc Besson, which exists to fulfill petrolheads’ need for high octane car chases. As with the film’s predecessors, the armored reinforced, tech-enhanced Audi performs stunts which are equal parts wreckage defying and inducing; weaving, peeling, and drifting its way into and out of harm’s way in order to deliver the driver and his package to their destination. Even in the previews for the film the A8’s stunt performances promise the viewer a caliber of… Read More

Labor Day Car Sales: how to save time at the dealership
Besides being wonderfully placed to round off the summer with barbecues and swimming, Labor Day spells one of the best times of year for car shopping. The long weekend at the start of September is a big event for many car dealerships as new models become available and older vehicles are often discounted to free up space on the lots. In fact, Fortune has called it “Black Friday for car shopping.” If you’re planning on heading to a car dealer this weekend, perhaps to buy a 2016 model you’ve been anticipating or pick up an outgoing 2015 model, it may… Read More

The start of a new season and that college football feeling
Maybe it’s just me, but the popularity and hype seems to grow every year. Everywhere I turn lately, there are promotional items, billboards, advertisements, magazine covers and peanut butter cups adding to the excitement. The fact that there are entire cable networks dedicated to the topic is evidence enough for me to see the impact. I’m speaking of college football, and this week marks the official start of the 2015-2016 season. Big games are on the Week 1 schedule with Alabama taking on Wisconsin in AT&T Stadium, Michigan and new coach Jim Harbaugh visiting Utah, North Carolina versus South Carolina,… Read More

Making the most of tailgating, some dos and don’ts
  Now that you are all settled in at school, it’s finally time for game day and the fun that is tailgating! Here are some tailgating tips that I have learned from my experiences attending a variety of game days. Do: Bring sunglasses On an extremely sunny day like many game days, sunglasses are a basic necessity. Bring a cute pair to compliment your burnt orange, red or whatever color outfit you may be sporting. A good pair of sunglasses will help you see the game action without an intense glare in your eyes and they look good, too! Don’t:… Read More

Back-to-school season: Tips for a better drive
This is it. The time of year when the dog days of summer fade into the first fresh days of learning. Schools across the U.S. are opening their doors to another year and schedules are being shifted to a more structured daily routine. In addition to new teachers, new friends and in many cases new buildings to maneuver, there are more vehicles in school areas in the mornings and late afternoons. In honor of this most wonderful time of the year, we created an infographic highlighting the “27 challenges and distractions you’ll need to navigate when classes resume.” From crosswalks… Read More

Back to school basics – Part 3
In my previous articles (Part 1 and Part 2), I discussed traveling to school and moving in to your college campus, respectively. Now that you are all settled, it’s time for classes to begin. I think everyone knows what the first day of school feels like − exciting and nerve-wracking at the same time. As a college student myself, here is some advice I have for students about to embark on that first day. Do Pack your bag the night before. Grab a spiral or two, laptop, a few pens and pencils and put them in your backpack the evening… Read More

Back to school basics – Part 2
As I talked about in a previous entry, the process of moving onto a college campus can be stressful … especially the day of. Unloading your packed car and trying to fit everything into a small dorm or apartment can prove difficult. Carrying things up and down stairs and through never-ending hallways can be both stressful and exhausting. Here are my thoughts on how to get through such a long day. Do Stay hydrated. Make sure to regularly take in fluids throughout the day. Moving in is physically demanding and can take a toll on your body. If you are… Read More

Buy a car with bad credit – Potential benefits to getting on the road
Few things provide a sense of independence like buying your own vehicle, but poor credit is often perceived as putting the brakes on this dream. It’s not ideal, that’s for sure, but for people looking to buy a car with bad credit there may be options, like lenders that specialize in subprime loans, for example. And if financing is right for you and you qualify for a loan, there could be some great potential benefits, big and small, to having your own vehicle. The possibility of getting into a car sooner rather than later with the help of a loan… Read More

Back to school basics – Part 1
As myself and millions of other students prepare to head back to school, we hope to be ready for the entire year ahead without any bumps along the way. From my experience in college, here are some dos and don’ts to consider when getting ready to head to school. Do Get your car checked out by an experienced mechanic -- especially if you are embarking on a long road trip to school. Make sure your car is properly prepared to get you to school safely and, hopefully, avoid having problems come up while you are away at school where you… Read More

Longest-lasting vehicles – the 200,000+ mile roster
  Looking for a car that will last? If you’re looking to buy a vehicle from among the longest-lasting ones on the road, you're in good company. Many buyers in the U.S. consider the longevity of the vehicle to be important when shopping. Often, buyers do not actually intend to own the vehicle for its entire lifespan, but rather, they see a correlation between longevity and a vehicle that is mechanically dependable with routine maintenance. In reality, this correlation does not always hold; sometimes vehicles that will… Read More