Refinance Auto Loan

Do you know how to Refinance an Auto Loan?

Many people don’t know that refinancing an auto loan may lower their monthly payment.
Just like a home mortgage refinance, a refinanced auto loan may have a significant impact on your monthly payment.

If you are currently feeling stuck with a high interest rate car loan, you might consider refinancing. Despite what you might think, it’s a quick and easy process and not as complicated as refinancing a home mortgage.

When you refinance an auto loan, there are no appraisals and no inspections required. This is because the new auto loan is not based on the value of the car but on the amount of money you need to pay off your auto loan. The only collateral requirements are generally that the age and mileage of your vehicle meet a certain criteria and that the loan amount is in an acceptable range for the lender.

In a similar fashion to mortgage refinancing, auto loan refinancing involves paying off your existing auto loan with a new loan. If approved for a lower interest rate, you may lower your monthly payment, which can save you money, and not just in the short run. It is possible that with a new loan payment you could save significantly over the life of the loan, depending on the combination of the new rate and term of the new loan.

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Even if you have less than perfect credit, it is still possible to refinance an auto loan. At RoadLoans, we specialize in helping people with bad credit get the financing they need.

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