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The right way to buy So far so good on the road loan process. I test drove a car on the 8th of MAY and on the 9th i made a final decision. I had stadium toyota contact the lender to structure the loan (I'm in the banking field) this prevents any unknown fees from the dealer and the consumer.…
Fast, friendly, and easy Roadloans was very fast and made me an offer almost immediately! They were pleasant and easy to work with.
Nightmare As a pass road loans customer was great, But this time around was (( Terrible )) They say you can go to any dealership but ROAD LOANS kept pushing me towards Carmax that have zero cars that I’m looking for, went to an Audi dealer found a vehicle that I was looking for put down…
DON’T WASTE YOUR TIME DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME ! YOU must have a much higher score to qualify and see all the other reviews!Makes a hit on your credit report too!