Consolidate Your Debt with Cash Out Auto Refinance

Cash back auto refinance:

Use your car to consolidate your debt and save!

Things happen. We get it.

Maybe your credit card company has increased your interest rate and fees and lowered your limit, maybe your home equity line has been cut or closed, and maybe you even had to resort to a payday loan while the going was tough. Chances are that the interest rates you are paying today are higher than they used to be, and chances are that it is getting ever more expensive to manage multiple accounts, because late fees, payment fees and overdraft fees have been on the rise.

RoadLoans has put together an auto refinance program that can offer some relief when life throws you a curveball. The Cash Back Auto Refinance Program allows you to do exactly what the name says: get cash-back when you refinance your car!

When refinancing with RoadLoans, you may be able to use the value of your car to borrow extra cash up to $5,000.

If you use your money to consolidate some of your debt, a cash back refinance can help you in many ways:

Lower your overall payments

When you pay down or pay-off some of your other debt with the cash back money you get from RoadLoans, you may be able to lower your overall monthly payments. For example, if you have a few credit cards with a balance that you carry over, paying them off with the cash-back amount could reduce the amount you need to budget every month for debt payments

Pay less interest

If you pay off higher interest debt with your cash back money, you may be able to reduce your interest payments, saving you money in the long run.*

Manage fewer accounts

If you pay-off other lenders and close accounts, you’ll enjoy the convenience of having fewer accounts to manage. That means fewer payments to make every month, fewer phone numbers to remember and fewer statements in your mailbox.

Have lower payment-related expenses

If you reduce the number of payments you need to make every month, you are also likely to have lower payment-related expenses. Whether it is fees for payments over the phone, stamps for checks you need to send or fees for electronic payments, reducing the number of accounts you have and the number of payments you need to make can save you money every month!

In short, a cash back refinance can  help you save money and hassle by having fewer accounts to manage and fewer payments to make.

So don’t delay. Click here to apply and take the first step to consolidate your debt.

*Interest payments will be reduced if your refinance APR is lower than the APR on the debt you are consolidating, and the term of your refinance is less than or equal to the remaining term of your existing higher interest obligation.