Roadloans Refinance Benefits

Are you in the market to purchase a vehicle?

Do you have less than perfect credit? Welcome to RoadLoans.
RoadLoans is an Internet-based direct lender that specializes in providing financing and servicing of auto loans for customers with less than perfect credit. Tens of thousands of people have been able to purchase the cars they want. At RoadLoans, we handle new and used car loans as well as auto refinancing.

If you are in the market for a new or used vehicle, we can help streamline the purchasing process by providing you with your loan approval and paperwork before you ever step foot in a dealership. There are several advantages to securing your auto financing before you start shopping for a vehicle. Having your financing taken care of before going to the dealership means you can negotiate like a cash buyer. You also know exactly what you can afford to spend before you begin looking at vehicles, so there will be no surprises or disappointments from buying outside of your budget.

Applying for a loan is easy. Visit and fill out our secure, online application. It takes only minutes to complete and a decision will be sent directly to you by email. Once approved, you take your loan approval and paperwork to any of the RoadLoans preferred dealers or a dealership of your choice.

At the dealership, it’s your job to choose a vehicle. Be sure that it fits within the model-year and mileage parameters set forth within your loan packet and that it’s not a commercial, conversion or customized vehicle. Also, make sure it fits within your budget. Once you have made your decision and negotiated the cost of the vehicle, go through the loan packet with the dealer to ensure all questions are answered and documents are properly secured. In no time, you will be driving home in your new car or truck.

If you already own a vehicle but can’t afford your monthly payment because it’s just too high, we might be able to help you, too. We offer refinancing options that could provide you with a lower interest rate or a longer term to and give you a lower monthly payment. Auto refinancing is an easy process and a simple way to potentially save money.

At you can use our auto loan calculator to see just how much money you could save by refinancing. Then apply for your auto refinancing online and receive a decision right away. If approved, we will pay off your current auto loan and transfer the title to your vehicle. Your very next payment could be lower than the last. That’s auto finance made easy.

Car loan & auto refinance experts for people with bad credit. RoadLoans provides a car loan calculator and car financing to buy new & used autos. Save time and apply online today!