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Shopping for a car has never been easier, and RoadLoans gives its customers control at every turn. As an online lender, our streamlined process makes things quick and simple, from applying for financing through finding a car.

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Use our auto loan calculator to familiarize yourself with how different interest rates and loan terms affect potential monthly payments. With an affordability calculator, you can gauge what you may pay for a vehicle in total.

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Apply for competitive rates on an auto loan in minutes and get an instant decision. Our quick, one-page application enables you to apply for new and used car loans online, whenever it suits you. Qualified consumers receive multiple offers for their unique car-buying needs.

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Preapproved auto financing gives qualified applicants the confidence to shop like a cash buyer, with good or bad credit.* They can visit a dealership within RoadLoans’ nationwide network already knowing their loan terms, including loan amount and annual percentage rate.

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Your auto financing options:

New and Used Car Loans

Buying a Car With Bad Credit

Getting a Car Loan With No Credit

Car Loans After Bankruptcy

Auto Refinancing

New and used car loans

Whether you’re looking for a brand new vehicle or a high quality used model, you can apply for financing with RoadLoans and have a decision in seconds.

Your credit score is one of the most important factors involved in lending, and most auto lenders will make their loan decisions based in part on your score. If you qualify for an auto loan, they will typically use that score to help determine your interest rate, too.

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Learn about getting a loan for a new or used car.

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Consumers with bad credit

It’s not uncommon for credit to take some knocks as you go through life. A late or missed payment, unexpected bills putting a strain on your finances – however these things arise, you may still have options to get on the road with auto financing.

There are many lenders that work with consumers with poor credit, including RoadLoans. We accept applications from people with all types of credit and have financed many thousands of borrowers with subprime scores.

It’s worth knowing that consumers with bad credit usually encounter higher interest rates than those with good or excellent credit. After all, poor credit is associated with higher levels of risk for a lender.

But there are ways to strengthen an auto loan application to improve the chances of approval and better rates. Consider making a down payment and adding a cosigner, for example.

A down payment, or trading in your current vehicle if you have one, will lower the amount you need to borrow.

A creditworthy cosigner, such as a family member or friend, spreads the risk and reassures a potential lender the loan will be repaid. A cosigner enters into an auto loan contract with the borrower and is responsible for meeting missed payments or paying back the full loan amount if the borrower fails to do so.

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Learn more about buying a car with bad credit.

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Financing with no credit experience

What are the chances of signing on the dotted line with no credit? Like those with bad credit, consumers who have limited credit histories are often seen as risky propositions, which may make buying a car challenging. But, also like bad credit situations, steps can be taken to improve the likelihood of loan approval when you haven’t built up much credit experience.

A good deposit and applying with a cosigner are useful tips for consumers with no credit, too, for example. And finding a lender that deals with people with all types of credit, like RoadLoans, may save you time and hassle right off the bat.

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Learn about buying a car with no credit history.

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Car loans after bankruptcy

Bankruptcy is a major event that lands a heavy blow on your credit score, so you might be approaching financing with trepidation. Car loans after bankruptcy are possible in many cases, however.

A lot of people in this position want to know how long after bankruptcy they can apply for a loan. It partly depends on the type of personal bankruptcy they have filed for. The most common is Chapter 7, where it typically takes about four months from filing for bankruptcy until the case is closed and debts erased.

However,, a debt-help organization, advises consumers to spend some time building up a positive credit history before applying for car loans in order to improve their chances of approval and a lower interest rate.

When you’re ready to apply, consider RoadLoans. We give customers the same high levels of service regardless of their credit profiles.

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Know how to get car loans after bankruptcy.

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Auto refinancing

Circumstances can change, like market interest rates, and your own credit score. Refinancing your auto loan, where a new lender pays off the existing note and replaces it with a new loan with new terms, is one way to react to those changes.

Depending on your goals and terms like interest rate and loan duration, you may be able to lower your monthly payment or reduce what you’ll pay for your vehicle in total, or both, for example.

RoadLoans offers two types of auto refinancing: traditional and cash-back. With traditional refinancing, you might enjoy the advantages just mentioned, while cash-back refinancing may also offer the chance to tap into the value of your vehicle to get a lump sum payment.†

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Discover auto refinancing options.

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Buying a car with RoadLoans

  • Whether you want to buy new or used, and whether you have good or bad credit, RoadLoans’ secure online application takes just minutes to complete.
  • If approved, login to view multiple auto loan offers, select an option and print your loan packet. Take it with you to a dealership recommended in your loan documents to shop for a car, truck or SUV. Or use our dealer locator to select another auto dealership.
  • RoadLoans works with a network of 14,000 dealerships across the country offering an inventory of high quality new and used vehicles meeting our requirements for age, mileage and financing.
  • At the dealership, preapproval lets you focus on negotiating the best price for a vehicle.
  • Close the deal and drive!

Whether you’re applying for your first auto loan or you’ve been around the financing block, RoadLoans makes car loans easy.

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* “Bad” or “Poor” credit generally is considered a FICO score around 600 and below by sources including the Consumer Federation of America and National Credit Reporting Association (reported by the Associated Press),,, Investopedia, and others. The Congressional Budget Office identifies a FICO score of 620 as the “cutoff” for prime loans. FICO scores are not the sole factor in lending decisions by and Santander Consumer USA.View Disclosures & Offer Information