Dealers who work with RoadLoans will find an array of helpful tools and resources designed to help them fund deals and provide the best service to customers.

Receiving Leads

Dealer Extranet

The internal site for all things RoadLoans-related. Answers to almost every dealer question -- including ‘Where is my deal in the funding process?’ -- can be found here.


Concierge Service

How can we help you? As a RoadLoans dealer, you receive first-class service from our dedicated team of auto finance experts who are only a call or instant message away.


Upon customer application approval, dealer immediately receives an email from RoadLoans notifying of a new approval along with customer contact information.


We've put together some helpful tips for dealers preparing for RoadLoans lead calls and for overcoming common objections.

Overcoming Objections

* Reference current dealer or factory specials * Emphasize that their approval is only good for 30 days * Listen to the customer and gather as much information about type of vehicle they are interested in buying and when they want to buy * Set time for a follow-up call "A vehicle is a big purchase and sometimes an overwhelming experience. Our role is to assist you during this transaction ... making your experience easy and simple. A few things to consider: We, as your approved dealer are offering (incentives) if you buy before (specific date). Your exclusive RoadLoans approval expires on (specific date) and we would hate for you to lose the chance to buy the best vehicle."
* Explain the limited time frame for the approval and emphasize the exclusivity of approval * If unhappy with the RoadLoans approval terms, mention that we may have more financing options to discuss "Congratulations -- RoadLoans was able to approve you at this time. Keep in mind that your exclusive RoadLoans approval expires on (specific date) and we would hate for you to lose the chance to buy the best vehicle." "This is the most common reason why people like you apply … so we understand. It turns out that most of those people really do have a vehicle need. We are able to make this transaction simple and easy for you."
* Promote used car inventory, ability to find specific vehicle at auction * Advise that we can access a wide variety of makes and models. If we don’t have what the customer desires, we will stop at nothing to find the perfect vehicle "We have a used car inventory with unlimited access to vehicles from all manufacturers in every price range. If we know what you are interested in, we will be able to find the car that best suits your needs or desires."
* Advise that we have other financing options, and if another lender can’t approve them at their preferred terms * RoadLoans is still available for 30 days * If possible get information from customer as to what would make them happy "We understand that you want the best deal available, if you are not interested in the terms of your RoadLoans approval, we will gladly set up an appointment for you to discuss other financing options." "We have access to many lenders, but if none of them are able to finance you, the RoadLoans approval will still be good for 30 days."
* When will they have the required amount? * Advise that trade equity might help. If there is a trade, we can tell them how much equity they have * Try to set an appointment to get them in to discuss the options "We have many options with different down payment requirements. I would be happy to set up an appointment for you to discuss your options and see if you can buy with the amount you have now." "I see that you have an open car loan right now. We may be able to show more money down using the equity in your current vehicle. I would be happy to set up an appointment for you with one of our specialists to find out."
* Get info: - Where did they find the vehicle - online or on the lot? - What type of vehicle is it? - Have they signed a contract with the other dealer? * Advise that the RoadLoans approval is only good here * Advise that this is a non-issue because we may have that car or can acquire that vehicle "Your RoadLoans approval is valid only here, we may have that vehicle in stock right now. Let me collect some information so we know what vehicles to find and hopefully we can have those vehicles ready to test drive at your appointment. When are you available to visit the store?"

Prepare for the call

Know your incentives – service specials, gift cards, oil changes, etc. Are the incentives available for simply showing up for the appointment or only upon purchase?
Know about your products and ability to obtain inventory. How many times do we get to the auction weekly and what’s our ability to get various makes of cars?
Try to never talk about down payment -- even if they need it. We just want to get the customer in so they can sell 30-day approval on financing. Listen to your customer. Get as much information as possible upfront so that you know the needs and are prepared for either a follow-up call or for the appointment.


Once the customer has picked out their vehicle of choice at the dealership, it’s time to move on to the financing and funding stage. The dealer owns the customer relationship from the beginning and RoadLoans can help them finance the deal.

How It Works

  1. Simple application
    Dealer reviews the packet with the customer and verifies that all of the necessary customer documentation has been supplied.
  2. Instant credit decision
    Dealer assembles and submits the packet (including voucher and stips) to RoadLoans for funding.
  3. Download loan voucher
    Contingent upon verifications and complete funding packets, dealer will receive their funds within 24-48 hours.


Convert 5% or more of your leads to fundings with RoadLoans or Santander Auto Finance during your lead subscription period and RoadLoans will refund 100% of your subscription fee!

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Disclaimer: Conversion Rate is based on the # of leads received during the full subscription period (1, 2, 3, 4 or 6 months). Applies only to leads originated from the program and funded through RoadLoans or Santander Auto Finance. Indirect deals not originated through a RoadLoans lead will not count toward the Conversion Rate. Subscription periods will be evaluated in full and will not be prorated. Santander Consumer USA Inc. reserves the right to cancel this program at any time.