How It Works

How does RoadLoans Auto Refinancing Work?

Apply now, and if approved, you might start saving today! Approval may include the option to select cash back
Refinancing with RoadLoans is a simple process that might save you money on your auto loan every month. If you’re approved, RoadLoans has two refinance options for refinancing: traditional refinance and cash back refinance, which means that you may not only have the option of lowering your payment and/or interest rate, but you might also have the option to get cash back to spend however you want.

Here’s how it works…

  1. Choose the kind of refinance you want – Traditional or Cash Back Refinance. Apply online in just minutes.
  2. Receive an instant decision. If approved, immediately download your loan documents and instructions in your approval email.
  3. Complete and sign the necessary documents and return to RoadLoans with the pre-paid FedEx shipping label. RoadLoans pays off your existing loan with your current lender and sends you a Welcome Package. If you applied for cash back with your refinance, you’ll receive your money once your loan has been finalized.

Which Refinance Product is best for you

Traditional Refinance

You want to restructure your auto loan to reduce your payment AND you don’t want to increase your total financed amount. You might be able to skip a car payment.

No prepayment penalty – pay off anytime

Apply for a traditional refinance

Cash Back Refinance

You want to restructure your auto loan to possibly reduce your payment, AND you are comfortable taking on a larger note to pay off over time. You might be able to skip a car payment.

No prepayment penalty – pay off anytime.

Apply for a cash-back refinance

Ready to Get Started? Use the RoadLoans payment calculator to estimate your savings, then apply in minutes.

† Granting of cash back is subject to credit requirements. The cash back amount will be made available to you via check or electronic transfer, and will be added to your loan amount. Interest will accrue on your cash back amount. Vehicles up to 7 years old may be eligible for cash back.

RoadLoans has been an auto finance lender for over 10 years. We finance all credit types, and specialize in financing and servicing loans for customers with less than perfect credit.

RoadLoans has helped many customers refinance their cars and save money.

RoadLoans is part of Santander, one of the top 6 banks in the world. You can rest assured that when you apply your information is safe and secure and will not be sent or sold to other lenders. All of our auto loans are simple interest loans, which means your interest rate will never change. Also, there are never any prepayment penalties, so you are free to pay off your loan quicker than originally scheduled.