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Super annoyed! Super annoyed! I called customer service 3 times and those 3 times, they gave me a nasty attitude, they did not explain things properly and I could hear them huffing and puffing with attitude. They were not pleasant at all and did not make me feel like can trust them! NO THANK YOU ROAD LOANS…
I never applied for an auto loan I never applied for an auto loan. Not through them or anyone else. I have a car. Not looking for another.
This company does not secure peoples… This company does not secure peoples credit information. I got an alert to my credit report that someone used my social security # and applied for road loans and other credit cards. I was involved in the Equifax breach. I got a notification and immediately told them to remove my information. They refused and instead…
Loan Offer I want to use this little time before i live for work to recommend the right person you can take out a loan from here in the US or any part of the world( LOAN COMPANY ) i got my loan of $125,000 from Morgan Stanley and you can email him here for a loan…