Bad Credit Loans Online

Three debunked myths about bad credit loans online

No one wants to deal with people who have bad credit.

FALSE – In fact, companies like RoadLoans have divisions that deal exclusively with people who have bad credit or no credit. In financial lingo, having bad credit is called “subprime,” meaning that while it may not be ideal credit, it’s still within the spectrum of doing business. Subprime financing is usually just a part of a full-spectrum financing company. It’s not that having bad credit is a deal-breaker, it’s just that it requires a different set of processes to acquire financing that some lenders don’t have access to.

Having bad credit means you can only buy cars with cash.

FALSE – Depending on which state you live in, it may require a larger down payment to finance a car, but in the vast majority of states, having bad credit does not affect the amount of cash required to buy a car. If you are working with RoadLoans and are confused about any aspect of financing, our friendly, knowledgeable service agents are available by phone, chat or email to answer any questions you have about getting bad credit auto loans online.

Finance companies that deal with people who have bad credit are all loan sharks.

bad-credit-auto-loans-onlineVERY FALSE – On the contrary, RoadLoans is a division of Santander Consumer USA, part of the Santander Group, which is one of the largest financial institutions in the world. Santander Consumer USA provides full-spectrum lending directly to its customers, as wells as through its nationwide network of subscribing dealers. The website and customer service are world class, and used by customers for all auto financing needs. Go to today to get bad credit auto loans online, and see how great it can be to work with a company that turns buyer’s remorse into Buyers Rejoice!