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How To Get A Car Loan With Bad Credit Myth #1
You’d like to buy a car but you’ve got bad credit, and we all know what that means; it means that there’s no way you will ever get a car loan. And even if you do qualify, you’ll have to pay astronomical rates. Right?   Wrong.   The truth is that people with bad credit can get car loans, without paying exorbitant fees. You just have to know how to go about it. If a less-than-stellar credit rating has put your dream of car ownership on hold, take hope. And don’t be taken in by these five myths about buying… Read More

Bad-credit auto loan borrowing for used cars in full swing
Bad-credit auto loans are part of the reason for recovery of car, truck and SUV sales through last year and into 2014.* That includes used-vehicle sales, which make up a large portion of the market. “The ability of subprime customers to obtain vehicle financing helped the used-vehicle industry finish [2013] on the upswing as December capped an overall great year for the pre-owned market and pushed the full-year sales total above 40 million units,” reported SubPrime Auto Finance News. Used-car sales closed 2013 at just under 42 million units, CNW Research reported. An improving economy… Read More

Bad credit car loans put new, used vehicles within reach
Bad credit can get in the way of car shopping. Sure, it’s easier to get to get a car loan if you have good credit, but not everyone has good credit. “Some estimates show that 25 percent of American adults are saddled with bad credit,” according to the website “Yet, thousands of these individuals manage to get car loans every day.” Those are the shoppers for whom RoadLoans is the answer. Having a less-than-perfect credit record, while a hurdle when you seek financing, should not prevent you from getting a car loan to purchase the new or used vehicle you want.… Read More

Getting past bad credit on your auto loan application
Your auto loan application often determines whether you drive home with a new car. The ideal auto loan candidate frequently has a large down payment and good credit score, and can anticipate approval for a favorable, low-interest bad credit refinance auto loan. However, not everyone's loan application is that impressive. What if you need car financing for bad credit? What if you have worked hard, but still have bad credit preventing you from getting a low-interest auto loan? What if that one rough year during college is damaging your credit score? What if you have bad credit because someone stole… Read More

				Second chance auto loans and their rates
  Every dollar counts in this economy, especially if you’re like many of the senior working class. Our children are out of the house via college or corporate job, and retirement is closing in fast. But while some may have a nest egg to fall back on, those of us without a college degree are more in need of a golden egg. There isn’t much money to just throw away, so when looking for a car, you’ve got to be practical. If you have credit challenges, you have to be sensible and realistic. Finding a company that provides second chance… Read More

How to get a car with bad credit
I know some of us can’t live without online transactions. Who has time to mail letters or pay for something “in person?” Not me and certainly not today’s young professional. Everyone between the ages of 25-34 are either working hard or playing hard or both. They are self-proclaimed workaholics spending 60 hours a week at work, or single and social spending six hours a day at the gym preparing for the perfect evening out. Either way, there is no time to do things manually anymore. It’s online or bust. Just think about those necessary evils that normally take huge blocks to… Read More

Bad Car Credit Refinancing
Having bad credit can sometimes feel like you are walking around with a big "Loser" sign around your neck. You think nobody will help you out. But bad car credit refinancing is actually something that can do a great deal of good for you. You gain self confidence about your financial situation when you can get a new loan to replace the high interest one you had to agree to, to get the car or truck you needed. Don't fear - you can do it. It doesn't matter how your credit became bad. Maybe you lost your job and the bills started piling up.… Read More

Sometimes bad things happen to good people. If you need an auto loan and bad credit is holding you back, you might need to find a specialty lender to help you get the vehicle you need.* There are lots of reasons why you might not be able to get an auto loan. And bad credit is one of the major ones. Sometimes it’s just a long laundry list of relatively minor issues. A missed or late payment every couple of months may be enough to get you denied financing. If you have even more serious issues with your credit — like bankrupcy,… Read More

Shakespeare once wrote about how "mercy seasons justice." He was talking about 2nd chances, and forgiving people who have made mistakes. So-called "2nd chance car loans" are one way that mercy can interact with justice to give people with bad credit an opportunity to redeem themselves. This type of auto financing is a boon for people who have made major mistakes which resulted in ongoing credit challenges.Unfortunately, it's really easy to wreck your credit today. During the recent economic boom, it was actually encouraged. Lenders offered more and more opportunities to borrow more and more money, without any real plan (or so it seemed)… Read More

Many people have questions about second chance auto loans -- what they are, how they work and why they are helpful. The past several years have been difficult for the American consumer. We've seen the markets go up and then down. We've seen huge increases in lots of thing that we would prefer less of: unemployment, the cost of living and fuel prices, to mention a few. Lots of people who were riding high before the bubble burst are now living a very different life today. But people still need to eat, still need to work. The kids need to… Read More