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Nissan Maxima luxury mid-size car
A quiet engine. A super-comfortable seat. Interior storage that fits your every need. These are just a few of the things that can form the overall car ownership experience and determine how happy a buyer is with their purchase. They’ve also been recorded to let shoppers know which vehicles provide most satisfaction. AutoPacific, an automotive marketing and product-consulting firm, asked 50,000 new car, truck and SUV owners for their feedback on 32 separate attributes, and let the results speak for themselves.   Satisfaction guaranteed? The Nissan Maxima claims the luxury mid-size car satisfaction award for the… Read More

Chevrolet Suburban in front of mountains
You might think the pleasure of driving a sports car would mean clocking endless miles during the course of ownership. Not so. In fact, full-size utilities see much more of the road and are the vehicles we drive the most. These hardworking haulers have the highest average annual mileages in America, reveal data from, based upon the sale of 10-year-old vehicles. Their extra capacity to accommodate passengers and cargo, which makes them popular with families and businesses alike, is partly why, says the auto research site. Reliability, also, accounts for their high mileage.   Spacious… Read More

Subaru Impreza sedan and five-door parked by trees
It’s back-to-school shopping season, and one of the largest items on the list could be a car. What sort of car it is will probably vary, depending on whether you’re approaching the purchase as a student or parent. As a student, you might be relishing the prospect of your very first vehicle and envisioning the coolest new ride in which to enjoy your independence. As a parent, you may be more concerned with safety and cost. Providing a meeting place between the two are Kelley Blue Book’s 10 best for the new school year. Handpicked by the editors, these vehicles… Read More

Jeep Wrangler on mountain track
Winning an auto award is one thing. Winning time after time is another and suggests that vehicle, or brand, is seriously worth considering. Pricing and research site Kelley Blue Book is continually assessing the latest models and, as a result, has arrived at its most-awarded cars and car companies for 2019. The “best of the best” vehicles have racked up multiple accolades across categories including best buy, 10 best, 5-year cost to own, resale value and more. As such, they include a mix of car, SUV, minivan and truck options that could help you start or streamline your shopping list.… Read More

Beetle car drives across factory floor
  Out with the old, in with the new. Volkswagen has ended production of its famous Beetle in favor of a new compact SUV tailored to the North American market. The final model in a long line of Beetles rolled out of the production plant in Puebla, Mexico, last month, eight decades after the car’s beginnings in Germany, in 1938. First introduced to America in 1949 as the Type 1, some 21.5 million of the original Bug were sold worldwide as “The People’s Car” became a cultural icon. Nearly 5 million were purchased in the U.S. Reintroduced to a new… Read More

Car with driver-assist feature on highway
  Whether it’s helping to avoid a startled deer or an unseen vehicle, advanced safety features are making a real difference, according to motorists. In a Consumer Reports survey of the owners of cars with driver-assist technology, 57 percent reported at least one feature kept them from crashing. Blindspot warning was most effective, with 60 percent of these owners saying the system helped to prevent an accident. Rear cross-traffic warning, forward-collision warning and front and rear automatic emergency braking also proved valuable. Findings from the study, which gathered information on 72,000 vehicles, along with an explanation of each feature are… Read More

Kia Sorento SUV traveling on road beside trees
The art of making a great car purchase actually lies with a little science. Or a lot, according to the Automotive Science Group, which aims to help consumers make informed car-buying decisions through its objective, data-driven analysis. To that end, it has created the Automotive Performance Index, enabling shoppers to find the best new models across a range of categories. “You define the size and class of automobile that meets your needs, and we'll differentiate the best-performing model in the segment,” says the group. For 2019, the index has identified 33 best-in-class vehicles in 11 categories based on economic, environmental and all-around performance… Read More

Kia Rio sedan parked on quayside
A trio of Korean brands continues to set the standard for new-vehicle quality in an influential study. Genesis, Kia and Hyundai have widened the gap between themselves and other automakers in the 2019 J.D. Power Initial Quality Study, which assesses vehicles early in the ownership experience.   It’s the second year running these nameplates, all part of Hyundai Motor Group, have filled the top three positions and they account for six of the highest-ranking models within the 20 vehicle categories. Genesis, newcomer to the luxury segment, tops the list with fewest reported problems in the first 90 days of ownership,… Read More

Acura RLX sedan
All those drivers leasing vehicles may be doing used-car shoppers a favor. Off-lease vehicles, which typically come onto the used-car market at three years old, are offering some attention-grabbing bargains. Research from puts the headlights on price drops of up to 55 percent for such vehicles compared to same-year versions bought new – extending to 69 percent for electrics – in a market where just-leased cars are reaching record highs. If you have a liking for luxury, the news is even better. As many leased vehicles are high-end models, so too are many of these potential bargains. Listed below… Read More

Kia Soul -KBB’s coolest car
    There may be no rule for what makes a car cool, but feel-good factors like being fun to drive, stylish, versatile and equipped with the right tech provide some common ground. Coupled with an affordable price tag, these are the criteria that Kelley Blue Book has used for its 2019 list of coolest new cars under $20,000. The top 10 contains a mix of the latest sedans, hatchbacks and SUVs to put a spring in your step, including a number of sporty models and some that score highly for practicality, too. Kia’s Soul compact takes the number one… Read More