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Ready to plug in? What consumers really think about electric cars
Bigger and bolder commitments are being made to an automotive future powered by electric vehicles (EVs). Volvo, for example, recently announced plans to produce only electric, hybrid and mild hybrid cars by 2019, and sell a million EVs by 2025. That announcement was made with the Swedish automaker yet to launch a fully electric vehicle. Tesla, meanwhile, has put on record the ambitious goal to make its cars run for a million miles with drive units that “basically never wear out.” With EVs posing such a dramatic change to motoring in the years to come, we asked consumers for their… Read More

Used cars get cheaper, Volvo makes shockwaves, and ‘America’s fastest SUV’
Welcome to a monthly roundup of auto news from RoadLoans. Here are some of the recent stories to hit the headlines in the motoring press.     Falling prices could make 2017 a great year to buy a used car The price of used cars is dropping as a flood of vehicles enters the market at the end of their lease terms. USA Today reports that used-car prices could fall by six percent in 2017 – the result of vehicles coming off three-year leases taken out in 2014. That means if you’re considering changing cars, this year could be a… Read More

Summer car shopping, new-vehicle quality and more
Summer is zooming full speed ahead. That, of course, means many Americans are enjoying road trips and car shopping, both of which typically peak during the summer months. Under the circumstances, the RoadLoans and Santander Consumer USA blogs (SC) would be remiss if we didn’t provide useful information on those subjects. So, following are introductions to the best recent content on the SC blog and links to the posts if you want to read more:     Summer used-car bargain hunting Hot fun in the summertime. It’s what car shoppers can expect, whether they’re looking for new or used cars,… Read More

2017 Buick Enclave Sport Touring Edition (Credit: Buick/Newspress USA)
    In the spirit of the Fourth of July, you may feel like buying American for your next car purchase. But which cars are most American these days? If you’re planning to visit a dealership over the holiday, one of the most popular times of year to buy a car, have a look at the results of the 2017 Made in America Auto Index first. Put together by the Kogod School of Business at American University, Washington D.C., it takes into account not just where a… Read More

These are the 10 new cars we keep the longest before selling
  SUVs and sports cars dominate the top 10 vehicles new-car owners hang onto longest before selling, research reveals – and the reasons range from timeless styling to unique features. Automotive research firm analyzed more than 15 million vehicles sold by original owners, which showed the Toyota Land Cruiser is kept longest of all at 10.6 years, well beyond the 7.3-year average. Two other Toyotas, the Sequoia and 4Runner, along with the Ford Expedition and Ford Explorer, make up the rest of the SUVs on the list. The Porsche Boxster, Mercedes-Benz SLK, Chevrolet Corvette and Audi TT are the… Read More

Prepare your adventure with the road trip planner
  Ideas and resources to get the wheels turning There’s nothing quite like the freedom, independence and sense of discovery you get on a road trip, and there are few better places to load up and hit the highway than America. Whether you’re looking to get away in summer or at other times of the year, here are some ideas to get you started, along with tips for what to take, what to eat, what to listen to, and how to prepare your vehicle. Get perusing, get planning, and enjoy the ride.   Where to go: Destinations and experiences California… Read More

Summer driving blues, best used cars and more
There are a lot of good auto blogs online, and we think the RoadLoans blog is one of them. But you may not know that RoadLoans is a direct-lending program of Santander Consumer USA (SC), which also has a blog providing more content intended to engage, inform and entertain readers interested in news and trends about or related to cars, trucks and SUVs. Following are snippets of the best recent content on the SC blog and links to the posts:     Singing the summer driving blues Summer has arrived. So, it’s time to take action – or not –… Read More

10 Cool new cars under $18K
  Are fun, stylish, versatile and affordable on your new-car wish list? If so, Kelley Blue Book’s latest recommendations of quality cars costing less than $18,000 are worth perusing. The automotive guide’s annual compilation of cool, budget-friendly vehicles includes a little expert comment about each car’s appeal as well as information on consumer ratings, miles per gallon and engine size, plus images and videos to help your car-buying decisions. Among the 2017 models it has rated and ranked are three newcomers, along with some reliable contenders. Leading the way is the Mazda3, the “all-time champion” that appears in the top… Read More

My first car and the birthday blues
  Upon obtaining a learner’s permit most young adults begin shopping for their first car before even discussing it with their parents. Growing up, this was the day that I looked forward to because having parents heavily involved in the car industry, undoubtedly, would yield my dream car. Due to the school cutoff I was almost a year older than most of my classmates. While this was a minor issue academically, it soon evolved into the sole reason I was going to become the most popular student amongst my peers. As my birthday approached, certainly, I was going to be… Read More

The longest-lasting cars and trucks – Vehicles that go the extra mile
  If you’re looking to buy a car from among the longest lasting and most reliable on the road, you’re in good company. Many buyers in the U.S. consider the longevity of a vehicle to be important when shopping. Often, buyers do not actually intend to own the vehicle for its entire lifespan, but rather, they see a correlation between longevity and a vehicle that is mechanically dependable with routine maintenance. In reality, this correlation does not always hold; sometimes vehicles that last a long time require more maintenance than others to do so. Even so, buyers still often associate… Read More

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