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Summer is here. Is your vehicle ready?
  Ahhh, summertime. Warmer weather, barbecues, flip-flops and swimming pools. This time of year, people across the United States load up the car and hit the highway to enjoy one of the great traditions of the season … the road trip. But beware of potential frustration and expense. You’re on the road, at the end of a long day in the hot sun, traveling to a relaxing destination, but not quite there yet, and not quite yet in a relaxed state of mind. And just as you see the sign that says that you’re within 30 miles of the next… Read More

Auto-related news for the summer season
  As of June 20, summer is officially here. Along with warm weather, cool drinks, swimming pools and cookouts, the ushering in of summer brings up a major theme when it comes to automobiles. Road trip, anyone? Here a couple of hot topics we found across news outlets relating to summer.   Summer travel According to AAA, around 56 percent of drivers in the U.S. are expected to take to the highways for a road trip this summer. And the relatively low gas prices have a lot to do with it. “Travelers hitting the road will pay the lowest summer… Read More

What to pack for a college sporting event road trip
Road tripping to a rival school for a baseball, football, soccer, heck any, game is a college tradition that has been going on for decades. These travels are the highlight of many college students during their time spent in higher education. It can be argued that these trips are not as successful, however, without the necessary supplies and equipment. Here’s our list of what to pack for a road trip to a college sporting event. Food The first major item that must be included in any proper road trip and tailgating experience is a barbecue grill. Cooking hot dogs and… Read More

Roadside Emergency & Car Safety Kit List
  We all want to be prepared for anything that comes our way on the road – such as a flat tire, getting stuck in a rainstorm or being stranded in the desert. To address these issues and more, we have created a roadside emergency kit checklist for you to use, add on to, and maybe even build one of your own. A roadside car emergency kit is essentially everything you will need in the event that something unexpected happens while on the road – for example an accident, empty gas tank, broken parts, etc. We want to help you… Read More

Photo: McLaren
The futuristic innovations of car manufacturers continue to amaze me and millions of other present-day consumers. It seems like every day something new and exciting comes out in relation to automobiles. From audio systems to self-parking capabilities, I know I personally am constantly discovering new technological advances. Amazingly, some of the most exclusive and high-end cars may not even be known to many average car buyers. These cars are some of the best-designed vehicles in the market, and have high function and a sleek design along with limited availability and high prices. These fantastic creations are called hypercars or supercars.… Read More

10 Reasons SUVs and trucks are perfect college vehicles
As students across the country wrap up their senior year of high school, many are hoping for a graduation gift, preferably one that has four wheels. There are many types of vehicles out there, so making the decision on the best one for these future college students can be very challenging. As a college student myself, I hope to shed some light on what I believe to be the best college vehicles: SUVs and trucks. Based on my experiences and the experiences of friends, here are 10 reasons why every inbound college student should get an SUV or a truck.… Read More

The Top 38 Summer Road Trip Songs
Like many folks, we have plans to hit the highway this summer for a few road trips. Which means in addition to packing enough snacks, water and soft drinks to keep us replenished, we’re going to need a good mix of songs to accompany the journey. And though the technology for making a road trip list of tunes has changed — what used to be created using LPs recorded onto cassettes, now is made in mere minutes with an iTunes or Spotify playlist — the fun of pulling from a wealth of material to create the perfect mix remains. Billboard’s… Read More

8 Ways to safely share the road with cyclists
America celebrates national Bike to Work Day every year by encouraging commuters to leave their cars at home for the day and ride their bikes to work! Not only today, but, throughout the month of May, Americans are celebrating cyclists for National Bike Month. According to the League of American Bicyclists, “from 2000 to 2013, the number of bicycle commuters in the U.S. grew by more than 62 percent.” Seeing as bicycle transportation has become more common, hopefully we can stay aware and considerate of bikers all year in order to keep our roads both active and safe. Drivers may… Read More

Longest-lasting vehicles – the 200,000+ mile roster
  Looking for a car that will last? If you’re looking to buy a vehicle from among the longest-lasting and most reliable cars on the road, you’re in good company. Many buyers in the U.S. consider the longevity of the vehicle to be important when shopping. Often, buyers do not actually intend to own the vehicle for its entire lifespan, but rather, they see a correlation between longevity and a vehicle that is mechanically dependable with routine maintenance. In reality, this correlation does not always hold; sometimes vehicles that will last a long time require more maintenance than others to… Read More

Best and worst times to buy a used car revealed
  The very best, and worst, times to shop for a used car have been highlighted by new research − and holidays are key. Black Friday, followed by Veterans Day and Thanksgiving, are the top days to pick up deals, while the Fourth of July, Mother’s Day and Easter are among those to avoid, according to a report by The automotive research company analyzed more than 40 million used-car transactions, which took place between 2013 and 2015, to discover at which times there were more deals than average, and when there were fewer, where a deal was classed as… Read More

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