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The 12 days of car (& holiday) tips
  12 Useful tips about cars and the holidays – because we know a little bit about both If there are two things we love at the RoadLoans blog, it’s getting smart about cars, and seasonal tips and tricks. And we think you’ll find that our holiday recipe includes just the right proportion of both. You’re really going to want to read these. From car-buying help to cookie recipes, I think we’ve got it covered this winter season. Tip 1 – Holiday shopping can be stressful, like not knowing what to get your mother when she says she “doesn’t need… Read More

9 of the easiest cars to park for the holiday shopping season, and beyond
  As the holiday season is in full swing, we must begin to think about our special plans. Whether it be a holiday trip with the family, cooking your favorite dishes, or buying presents, the holidays can bring about a lot of chaos in everyone’s daily lives. With crowded malls and streets filled with shoppers, families, and sometimes tourists, many people do whatever they can to avoid these crowds. However, as the streets get icy and more crowded with holiday errand-runners, we are hoping to help you remove a little stress from your lives. For the big city, or a… Read More

How to buy a car in 10 steps – and make it a great experience
  Buying a car can be a daunting task. People often devote large amounts of time, money and thought into purchasing their next vehicle. However, we think that buying a new car should be an exciting time for people! It often marks an important moment in one’s lifetime – whether it be a sweet 16, a new job, or finally saving up enough money for your own car. Some of you may have asked yourselves, “What do you do when you buy a car?” With research, and a bit of help from us, you can understand how to buy a… Read More

Large enough to share: A big, boxy Chevrolet TrailBlazer. Credit: Autoblog
  Looking back on the day I got my driver’s license, I can remember almost every detail. I passed my driving test, drove home with my mom, and immediately texted my best friends bragging about finally having my license. Although it was June and most of them could already drive. I set a time to pick them up so I could finally be the one to drive my friends around. As a young 16-year-old with a brand new, shiny, parent-free driver’s license, I packed my big white Chevy TrailBlazer front row and back. On a beautiful summer day, we drove… Read More

11 Big reasons to buy a small car
  The perks of a small car? Drivers in many countries lean towards the small vehicle while Americans cannot get enough of the “bigger the better” ideal. So this raises the question, why buy a small car? Here are 11 reasons for car buyers to look at smaller cars, from saving money to versatility. 1. Parking Let’s just state the obvious. You can fit into the smallest areas of street parking, which can be a novelty in most big cities or crowded towns. You can also fit into the newly popularized compact car spots found in many modern parking lots.… Read More

How to give your car a technology upgrade
  Get the tech of a new car with these easy add-ons In today’s car market it seems as though the technology and features of vehicles are constantly evolving – being upgraded and becoming more and more high tech. Every time I get a new piece of tech it can feel as though a week later my product is no longer the newest on the market. For those of you who feel that your current car lacks in the tech department, you can upgrade your car without having to make major changes or even spend money on a brand new… Read More

How to test-drive a car: 29 Tips to know beforehand
  Get the most out of your drive, and find the right vehicle for you On any car-buying checklist is most likely test-driving each car. The great thing is that you can go to the dealership, try out new cars, and really get a feel for what each car would feel like to drive and live with day-to-day. It is worth every car buyer’s time and energy to try out the vehicle during a test-drive. Whether this process is new or old to you, here are some tips for test-driving a car. These tips can help you go into the… Read More

Back-to-college checklist of dos and don’ts: Helpful tips for students
  As myself and millions of other college students prepare to head back to school, it’s time to prepare for a new and exciting adventure. There is a lot to be done before we head back to class and get into the swing of things. From my experience of many years of schooling, here is a back-to-college checklist of dos and don’ts to kick off your school year.   Do Get your car checked out by an experienced mechanic — especially if you are embarking on a long road trip to school. Make sure your car is properly prepared to… Read More

Back-to-school driving safety tips
  As millions of students start to head back to school, parents and students alike must prepare for their morning routines including packing their bag, getting dressed, and driving over to school. Whether for a parent driver or a student behind the wheel, here are a few tips to consider for back-to-school driving safety. Be aware and control your speed In the areas surrounding a school there are always many kids walking around, bike riders, and stop-and-go cars trying to drop their passengers off for school. With this craziness, driving quickly through these areas can be tricky and often dangerous.… Read More

Car terms to know when getting an AC check
  In the height of summer, depending on where you are in the country, air-conditioning (AC) is a “must" for many drivers, or a very useful convenience at the least. If anyone finds themselves melting in a hot car and needs to take their vehicle to a garage for an AC check, we have some terms that my help you out. This list contains key terms you’re most likely to encounter when taking your car in, and should help guide you in dealing with your mechanic, so you know what is going on in your car. Recharging – When the… Read More

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