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Tara Stein

Romantic road trips to make Valentine’s Day miles better
  As Valentine’s Day approaches, we have couples everywhere looking to plan a romantic evening for the special day to celebrate. Why not turn the occasion into a weekend excursion and plan a romantic road trip for the two of you to enjoy? Whether you fancy a surprise getaway, or a planned event, it can be one of the best ways to celebrate with your Valentine’s sweetheart. Here are some of my suggestions for romantic road trips, including destinations and stops along the way to help plan your journey.   Tucson to Sedona, Arizona Those looking for both a romantic… Read More

10 Spring break road trip destinations you’ll really want to visit
  Spring break is just around the corner! As I planned my trip, I found some great spots for college students like me, or anyone for that matter. In my opinion, these are some of the best places to visit, so grab your friends, check your vacation dates and plan your trip for some spring break fun! My top 10 favorite road trip destinations for spring break are as follows:   Manhattan Beach, CA With the famous California beach atmosphere, Manhattan Beach offers visitors a young people’s scene fun-filled with shops, beaches, restaurants, and exciting nightlife. You can walk the… Read More

What I learned about the car-buying experience, and how you may improve yours
    Everyone has a story about buying a car. Whether it was the first or 15th, it’s probably an experience that will never be forgotten. When my father was recently looking to replace his car, I tagged along and watched the process he went through, and learned a lot.   The dealership experience We really relied on the dealership staff to steer us toward the right product – one that truly met our needs. Just because we had a personal relationship with the particular dealer we visited did not mean we didn’t go through “a process.” Things such as… Read More

Manual vs. automatic transmissions: Gas mileage, cost and other key differences
  Can you drive a stick shift? Because a lot of people can’t. Americans are accustomed to the style of driving that comes with cars that have automatic transmissions, with a majority of drivers owning vehicles with automatic shifting. Interestingly enough, driving vehicles with manual transmissions is still extremely common in other countries, especially those in Europe. So we began to ask … why is this? We have found some interesting differences between the features of manual and automatic transmissions that help car buyers, wherever they may be, understand the different driving and ownership experiences associated with each. And hopefully… Read More

A look at the car, truck and utility of the year winners in Detroit
With all the excitement and buzz that surrounds the Detroit auto show, we found ourselves waiting in anticipation to see what the manufacturers would come up with for this year. 2017 is proving to be a big year – not only a big year of innovation, but for its strong direction towards the green life, with more and more eco-friendly models entering the car market, and as a year of technological progress. Each year we are presented with the latest and greatest tech that the world has to offer. With this year’s revelations, I can now find a car with… Read More

The 12 days of car (& holiday) tips
  12 Useful tips about cars and the holidays – because we know a little bit about both If there are two things we love at the RoadLoans blog, it’s getting smart about cars, and seasonal tips and tricks. And we think you’ll find that our holiday recipe includes just the right proportion of both. You’re really going to want to read these. From car-buying help to cookie recipes, I think we’ve got it covered this winter season. Tip 1 – Holiday shopping can be stressful, like not knowing what to get your mother when she says she “doesn’t need… Read More

9 of the easiest cars to park for the holiday shopping season, and beyond
  As the holiday season is in full swing, we must begin to think about our special plans. Whether it be a holiday trip with the family, cooking your favorite dishes, or buying presents, the holidays can bring about a lot of chaos in everyone’s daily lives. With crowded malls and streets filled with shoppers, families, and sometimes tourists, many people do whatever they can to avoid these crowds. However, as the streets get icy and more crowded with holiday errand-runners, we are hoping to help you remove a little stress from your lives. For the big city, or a… Read More

How to buy a car in 10 steps – and make it a great experience
  Buying a car can be a daunting task. People often devote large amounts of time, money and thought into purchasing their next vehicle. However, we think that buying a new car should be an exciting time for people! It often marks an important moment in one’s lifetime – whether it be a sweet 16, a new job, or finally saving up enough money for your own car. Some of you may have asked yourselves, “What do you do when you buy a car?” With research, and a bit of help from us, you can understand how to buy a… Read More

Large enough to share: A big, boxy Chevrolet TrailBlazer. Credit: Autoblog
  Looking back on the day I got my driver’s license, I can remember almost every detail. I passed my driving test, drove home with my mom, and immediately texted my best friends bragging about finally having my license. Although it was June and most of them could already drive. I set a time to pick them up so I could finally be the one to drive my friends around. As a young 16-year-old with a brand new, shiny, parent-free driver’s license, I packed my big white Chevy TrailBlazer front row and back. On a beautiful summer day, we drove… Read More

11 Big reasons to buy a small car
  The perks of a small car? Drivers in many countries lean towards the small vehicle while Americans cannot get enough of the “bigger the better” ideal. So this raises the question, why buy a small car? Here are 11 reasons for car buyers to look at smaller cars, from saving money to versatility. 1. Parking Let’s just state the obvious. You can fit into the smallest areas of street parking, which can be a novelty in most big cities or crowded towns. You can also fit into the newly popularized compact car spots found in many modern parking lots.… Read More