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Mazda CX-5
Safety first. A solid rule for the road, and one the IIHS Top Safety Picks can steer you toward. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety has released its annual list of best-performing new cars based on updated criteria that prioritize protection for pedestrians as well as vehicle occupants. Sixty-four vehicles – all 2020 model-year cars and SUVs – are split across Top Safety Pick and Top Safety Pick+ awards. To qualify, each must have good ratings in crashworthiness evaluations; good or acceptable headlights, and available front crash prevention with an advanced to superior rating.   The… Read More

Genesis G80
Good news if you’re in the market for a car – vehicle dependability is at an all-time high, says J.D. Power. More good news is that its latest study identifies the best brands and models to help your selection. The market research firm’s 2020 Vehicle Dependability Study looks at problems experienced in the last 12 months by original owners of 3-year-old vehicles. Useful information, especially, for anyone considering a 2017 model-year vehicle. But for those who aren’t, the findings still serve as a valuable barometer of which automakers are producing the most reliable rides, and what they are. Genesis, the… Read More

Millennials’ first love is a road trip, survey finds
  Millennials are often associated with a love of technology and digital connectedness. Given free time, however, there’s actually nothing they like more than a road trip. Heading out for a driving adventure was named the top activity among members of this age group taking part in a survey for Mazda. Thirty-nine percent of the 1,004 respondents, aged 23-38, placed this first. And most of those (64 percent) valued the quality time it afforded with their travel companions – typically a loved one. In fact, when asked to pick, almost all (92 percent) said they would go road-tripping with someone… Read More

Couple in convertible car purchased with finance
  Find a loan that runs as sweetly as your new car There are plenty of car loan options out there, and many of them may be suited to you. Knowing where to look, however, is the starting point that makes it much more likely you’ll end up with the right one. This overview outlines the main avenues you can pursue as you seek approval for new or used auto financing.   Traditional dealerships Getting your financing through a dealership is a common approach as it allows you to buy a car and arrange credit at the same time. The… Read More

Man and woman traveling in car
  Financing is a central part of most car purchases, and the terms of the loan can have a strong bearing on how you feel about the overall buying experience. Understanding the factors involved will enable you to plan for your application and confidently consider any offers you receive. Here are five important points to know about.   1. Credit score Your credit score is based on the credit history contained in your credit reports, and sums up how creditworthy you are. It’s a key reference for lenders in determining how much money they may be willing to lend and… Read More