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Man removing car air filter from engine
  Even if maintaining your vehicle extends only to guiding it through the car wash once in a while, you don’t have to be too adventurous to tackle a few things under the hood. One of those things is cleaning the car air filter. The humble air filter is an important part of your vehicle that stops dirt, debris and other contaminants from getting into the engine and causing it harm. When the filter gets clogged, the engine has to work harder and becomes less efficient, which can lead to loss of power and acceleration, poorer gas mileage and overall… Read More

Car shoppers and cars at auto show
    Millions of people flock to auto shows each year and, while it’s entertaining to picture yourself in the latest supercar, many visitors are picking up invaluable knowledge for their next car purchase. But what exactly makes these events so useful, and how should you approach things when you’re there? Here’s what you need to know.   Why auto shows are good for car shoppers Car shows are like automotive shopping malls which can encompass huge numbers of vehicles under one roof, making it ideal for comparison shopping. They are no-pressure environments – no cars can actually be sold… Read More

5 ways to spring clean your car.
    Drive into spring with a sleek, shiny vehicle for the sunny days ahead The beginning of a new season is always exciting as people anticipate the change in weather, daily routine and new social activities that often lie ahead. At this time of year, it also prompts us to dust away the cobwebs with some spring-cleaning. Although we may dread the annual cleaning procedure, it feels so good to start fresh and clutter-free for the spring season. As we clean out our offices, homes, and cars, I have some tips on the top five ways to spring-clean your… Read More

Car traded in and car purchased
  When you owe more than your vehicle is worth but still intend to trade in for your next purchase – and plenty of people do – then planning your steps will help you get the most out of the deal.*   Rolling over your negative equity In this situation, it’s common for negative equity to be rolled into the loan for your new vehicle. That means you’ll effectively be paying off your previous car along with your new ride in a single, larger loan on which you’ll pay interest. Such a loan can increase your financing costs and make… Read More

Nissan Murano
The happy meeting place of quality and value is slightly different for each new-car shopper, but there are 14 vehicles with a particularly good chance of getting you there. That’s according to U.S. News and World Report which has awarded the cars, SUVs and one minivan that encompass best value in their classes. These are the models that strike the balance between performance, features and high quality with budget-friendly prices most successfully. Quality was measured by the company’s data-driven best-car rankings while value was assessed by combining new-car transaction prices with the running costs of ownership. Take a look through… Read More

Honda Accord sedan
We’re spoilt for choice when it comes to high-quality cars these days, and the 2019-model year is no exception. However, experts at automotive research site Edmunds believe they have picked out the choicest of the them all. From over 300 vehicles tested on road and track, here are the seven winners of their inaugural Editors’ Choice Awards.   Sedan – 2019 Honda Accord Among sedans, the Accord is deemed a cut above. On the inside you’ll enjoy a refined interior, plenty of technology and generous amounts of space. While SUVs are now more popular, cars actually offer a better driving… Read More

New or used? These cars will help you decide
If you’re on the fence about buying a brand-new or preowned vehicle, consider comparing a new model to its lightly used equivalent to help you make a choice. Auto research site has compiled the top 10 cars to buy in each case, which identify the largest potential savings on used cars and vehicles where it could be worth paying just a little extra to be the first owner. Based on seven million recent car sales, the findings show that the average one-year-old car costs 23 percent less than when sold new, but these savings stretch up to nearly 40… Read More

Family and dealer beside vehicle at car dealership
  Among an array of car dealerships, how do you find one that lets you move forward with confidence when you have bad credit?* A little preparation is often the key that unlocks a smooth car-buying process and that feel-good purchase for years to come. Consider starting with an online auto lender, such as RoadLoans, that enables you to work out what you may be able to afford, apply for preapproval and connects approved applicants to trusted dealerships nearby. Here’s how RoadLoans empowers car shoppers and helps them find dealerships that work with bad credit.   From financing to finding… Read More