The cars that sent ‘Fast & Furious’ into overdrive
Who knew just how many high-performance cars and how much high-speed action could be taken to the big screen until the arrival of the “Fast & Furious” franchise? And if huge worldwide audiences and nearly $4 billion at the box office are anything to go by, we all say a big thank you. From street racing and heists to chases and stunts, the cars are always at the heart of things as Dominic Toretto and his crew keep their eyes on the prize. With movie number eight, “The Fate of the Furious,” set to play in theaters from April 14,… Read More

The evolution of the Batmobile from comic books to ‘The Lego Batman Movie’
It’s fitting that one of the most iconic super heroes has one of the most iconic modes of transportation. Introduced first as just Batman’s car, the Batmobile has grown into one of the Dark Knight’s greatest assets in Gotham City. It’s more than just a vehicle – it’s one of his best weapons. Over the years, the Batmobile has gone through many customizations and structural upgrades. From the simple Cord Roadster-based design to the seemingly indestructible Tumbler to the adaptable vehicle of “The Lego Batman Movie,” check out the Batmobile’s evolution, below.       Read More

What does your car mean for your dating life? Here are the signs
Perhaps your choice of vehicle is carefully image-oriented, or maybe it’s just down to price and practicality. But if your car is an expression of you, what message is it sending exactly? And what does it mean for your dating life? With Valentine’s Day approaching, we’ve compiled the results of an online survey of drivers and a study by university researchers to give you an idea.               Read More

The 10 best Hollywood chase scenes you really must catch
Some of the most memorable scenes on screen involve chases. Agents pursuing hit men through a busy city. Imperial troops on the heels of rebels and smugglers in a galaxy far, far away. Whatever the scenario, they captivate us with elements of surprise, stress, sometimes comedy, and always top-notch action. We’ve put together a list of the 10 best chase scenes in Hollywood history you’ll probably want to check out, and the fun trivia behind the epic action.   Star Wars: Episode V – The Empire Strikes Back (1980)   Pursued by four TIE fighters, Han Solo, Princess Leia, Chewbacca… Read More

How to tackle extreme winter driving situations
3 Ways to win when it’s just you, the snow and the road We all know how beautiful the landscape looks under a blanket of snow. But the outlook can change pretty quickly when your vehicle gets stuck and the white stuff keeps falling. That’s when it becomes you against the snow, and a question of how to tackle an extreme winter driving situation. To be forewarned is to be forearmed, and our infographic gives you the tools to negotiate harsh winter conditions with confidence. Our three steps of preparedness, getting unstuck and survival will improve your chances of safely… Read More

Celebrities and their cars: 25 tweets to love [Infographic]
Celebrities adore their cars. And their unique position in life means they have some entertaining experiences in the world of automobiles. Not to mention a few thoughtful reflections. They’ve taken to Twitter to give us all a look through the window, and here are 25 of their most hilarious and heartwarming tweets. Have you tweeted about your ride? We’d love to hear it. Let us know on Twitter and Facebook.     Read More

6 Ways to avoid a bad car loan
Buying a car can be fun and exciting. However, getting a car loan can be anything but. After all, the auto loan process can be confusing and intimidating, causing buyers to make mistakes that result in a bad car loan. If you’ve got bad credit,* dealers or insurance agents may take advantage, and you could be stuck with a car loan that will end up costing you tons in the long term. So if you’re in the market for a new or used car, don’t get swindled into having to pay more than you really need to. Here’s a look… Read More

The Vehicles of The Walking Dead [Infographic]
  Times can be hard when you're living in a zombie apocalypse, but things can be exponentially better if you're able to get your hands on some kind of vehicle. Once you've got some wheels, you stand a much better chance of surviving, even if just because now you have a way to mow down some walkers. Plus, you don't have to worry about traffic rules or making that car loan payment—it's an apocalypse, after all. In this infographic we've hashed out some of the best vehicles from AMC's "The Walking Dead" and have analyzed them to figure out which… Read More

They did what? Driver confessions to surprise and amaze [Infographic]
The road to redemption starts here Stepping into a car is like entering your own world where you’re in control – but that’s not always a good thing. Drivers can get up to some ill-advised and unexpected antics behind the wheel. But at least they confessed. We’ve taken a look at the evidence in a number of surveys where motorists came clean, and we think you’ll be surprised by what it shows. See what behavior American drivers may want to put behind them, and where they can take a new course.     Read More

The Automobile in the Not-So-Distant Future: What “Driving” Will Be Like in 2025
When the first “Back to the Future” film was released in 1985, it seemed that our futuristic dreams and visions were finally coming to life. A time-traveling car was soon followed by the hoverboard and flying cars in “Back to the Future Part II.” What was once science fiction in comics and novels appeared a step closer once on the silver screen. As the real world passed the “D-day” of “Back to the Future II”—October 21, 2015—the cars we had been dreaming of since 1985 weren’t quite what we expected. Although the last 30 years didn’t give us the flying… Read More

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