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The cars that came back to us
  After what will be 24 years in the wilderness, the Bronco, complete with its bucking Bronco logo, is coming back to Ford’s SUV stable. The carmaker announced a homecoming date of 2020 at the Detroit auto show last month (along with 2019 for the Ranger pickup), giving fans of the iconic off-roader plenty of time to prepare a warm welcome, and get the garage ready. It’s not the first time that ground’s been covered, of course. Here are five more comebacks that lit up the automotive world:     Dodge… Read More

When is spring break? Dates, destinations and details to help plan your trip
  For many college students, spring break, that American academic tradition and much anticipated vacation, is the first opportunity in the year to plan a memorable getaway. Checking your spring break dates is the important first step in planning your own special trip, and we’ve included an extensive list of dates for universities and colleges across the United States at the end of this article. Scroll through to find your school, and start thinking about destinations.   Spring break month  In general, spring break month is February, March or April, depending on where you are in the country, and the… Read More

How an auto loan cosigner might help you get moving
    If you’ve been denied financing for a vehicle because you have no credit or bad credit,* then an auto loan cosigner may be what’s needed to get on the road and on with your life. A cosigner may help by guaranteeing to repay the loan should you fail to do so. “Having a cosigner on your loan gives your lender additional assurance that the loan will be repaid,” says the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB). And what a difference having your own transportation can make, whether it’s getting to college classes to further your education, getting to work on time… Read More

New car loans vs. used car loans: A helpful comparison for car buyers
  Weighing your options on a new or used car? It’s wise to consider new vs. used car financing as part of the process as it may have a big impact on how much you pay for the vehicle when all’s said and done. Advantages of buying a new car and new car loans The appeal of buying a new car never gets old: a chance to own a vehicle in pristine condition, complete with the latest technology and safety features; your choice of models and add-ons; a manufacturer warranty, and no history of maintenance issues, for example. There are… Read More

How to have a winning weekend in Houston
  If you’re on your way to Houston for Super Bowl LI, you can safely put a tick next to “attend the biggest event in town,” if not the country. There might even be a selfie in the offing. But whatever the result on the field, here are five other things to do while you’re there to ensure it’s a great weekend. Space Center Houston Whether your team puts in a star performance or encounters an almighty “Houston, we’ve had a problem” moment, a trip to the space center provides plenty of fascination and fun. Space Center Houston offers a… Read More

America’s ‘most buzzworthy’ vehicle
  For popularity, accolades and awards, the Ford F-150 keeps on rolling. Like it’s engine, it’s nothing if not reliable. Not only was the F-150 America’s top-selling vehicle in 2016, Ford’s immensely successful truck created the most social buzz last year. That’s according to a new report by Adobe Digital Insights, part of the software company, which makes the Ford F-150 its 2016 Automobile of the Year based on social media mentions, social sentiment and online visits. In second and third came the Audi A4 and the Honda Civic. Adobe’s report took an in-depth look at the auto industry through… Read More

How to use your tax refund for a car purchase
If you’re in the market for a new vehicle then you should know something about tax season: tax refunds and car loans are a good match.* One of the main reasons is the chance for qualified buyers to use their tax refund for a down payment on a car. The average income tax refund in recent years has been around $3,000, and buyers may decide to use all or part of that check as money down. A down payment may help when purchasing a vehicle because lowering the amount of money that needs to be borrowed may also lower the… Read More

Chevrolet Bolt EV.
  With car technology moving at such a pace the latest developments can become a blur. Here’s a look at some of what’s coming up in 2017. Affordable, 200-mile EVs arrive We’ll be seeing more electric vehicles (EVs) on the road thanks in part to the entrance of the Chevrolet Bolt. General Motors’ vehicle is both affordable, starting from $29,995 after federal tax credits, and practical, with an EPA-estimated range of 238 miles on full charge, which promises to carry the EV closer to the car-buying mainstream. The Bolt is already on sale… Read More

41 ‘Best buys’ for new-car shoppers
  If 2017 is going to be your year for a new car, here’s some food for thought to help the selection process. Consumer Guide Automotive recently announced its Best Buy Awards with 41 recommendations across 21 categories, to provide “clear, easy choices for consumers.” Each best buy “represents the finest balance of attributes and value in its class,” says the car-review publisher. The categories include everything from standout subcompacts to exceptional SUVs, and new for the 2017 awards is the Family Vehicle Best… Read More

Car terms to know for the holidays
    As you venture onto the roads for the holidays, here are some car terms and tips to keep in mind and help the season go smoothly. Designated driver – It’s the season of parties, and if you’re travelling in a group, make sure you designate someone who won’t be drinking alcohol to drive safely. Defensive driving – Not everyone drives responsibly at this time of year, however, and there may be drunk or distracted drivers on the road. Staying alert and driving defensively, through practices like anticipating dangerous situations and other drivers’ mistakes, will help you stay safe.… Read More

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