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Car with driver-assist feature on highway
  Whether it’s helping to avoid a startled deer or an unseen vehicle, advanced safety features are making a real difference, according to motorists. In a Consumer Reports survey of the owners of cars with driver-assist technology, 57 percent reported at least one feature kept them from crashing. Blindspot warning was most effective, with 60 percent of these owners saying the system helped to prevent an accident. Rear cross-traffic warning, forward-collision warning and front and rear automatic emergency braking also proved valuable. Findings from the study, which gathered information on 72,000 vehicles, along with an explanation of each feature are… Read More

Kia Sorento SUV traveling on road beside trees
The art of making a great car purchase actually lies with a little science. Or a lot, according to the Automotive Science Group, which aims to help consumers make informed car-buying decisions through its objective, data-driven analysis. To that end, it has created the Automotive Performance Index, enabling shoppers to find the best new models across a range of categories. “You define the size and class of automobile that meets your needs, and we'll differentiate the best-performing model in the segment,” says the group. For 2019, the index has identified 33 best-in-class vehicles in 11 categories based on economic, environmental and all-around performance… Read More

Genesis, Kia, Hyundai pull ahead in new-vehicle quality rankings
A trio of Korean brands continues to set the standard for new-vehicle quality in an influential study. Genesis, Kia and Hyundai have widened the gap between themselves and other automakers in the 2019 J.D. Power Initial Quality Study, which assesses vehicles early in the ownership experience.   It’s the second year running these nameplates, all part of Hyundai Motor Group, have filled the top three positions and they account for six of the highest-ranking models within the 20 vehicle categories. Genesis, newcomer to the luxury segment, tops the list with fewest reported problems in the first 90 days of ownership,… Read More

Smiling woman looking over shoulder from front seat of car
    With countless possibilities, the road trip is a favorite way to journey through the American summer. Picking a destination isn’t always easy, however, which is when WalletHub’s 2019 list of best summer-road-trip states proves useful. All 50 states have been rated based on more than 30 criteria covering cost, safety and activities. These include factors such as the price of gas, the condition of roads and how busy they are, the state’s share of national parkland and the number of attractions you will find. While North Carolina is the best state for a summer road trip overall, other… Read More

Jeep Cherokee on highway in front of mountains
    If you are buying, or already driving, one of these 10 cars this Fourth of July holiday then you have extra reason to celebrate. They’ve been identified as the most American-made new models in a index of more than 100 vehicles. American-made doesn’t just mean they were put together in this country, although that’s an important part. In the context of a globalized auto industry, the study also looked at the domestic parts content; where the engine and transmission come from, and how many U.S. factory workers the parent automaker directly employs relative to vehicles sales. On… Read More