Car buying experiences – Part 2

While more shoppers are enhancing their experience and gaining knowledge by using online tools, there is still something to be said for actually test driving the vehicle you are considering. Often, especially when shopping online, you may find that sellers of automobiles (particularly when it’s individual sellers) may not give an accurate representation the car they are selling. Shoppers may see pictures of a pristine, new-looking car only to show up and find a vehicle of different condition than expected.

In other instances, shoppers find that the car they were interested in looked good inside and out but, after seeking out service by a reputable repair shop, they are met with the news that the mileage was tampered with. Worse yet, the car may completely break down shortly after purchase. Along the lines of new cars, many customers wind up spending excessive amounts on features and fancy-worded warranties that are either overpriced or just unnecessary.

Of all the car-buying stories I came across, my favorite was about a (smart) woman who told of going to the library (before the age of Internet) to look at the Kelley Blue Book. She was able to check the value of the car she was interested in before she visited the dealership to see it. The seller initially offered her a price almost double what the car was worth.

Backed up by the information she had recently researched, the woman laughed at the seller, telling him she knew the car was worth much less. Loaded with facts and sharp sense, she ended up getting a great deal for the car she wanted and needed. Doing her homework helped her avoid being taken for a significant sum of money.

With today’s availability of ready information via the Internet or the like, I recommend that anyone looking to purchase a car spend a some time doing research first. This need be nothing more than simply visiting a few websites and comparing prices, reading reviews and taking notes.

Try to identify the type of car that meets your needs and budget and zero in on the value of the type car you are interested in. And be careful when considering any extra features as these are routinely associated with significant up charges.

Stick with your research. Don’t give in to the appeal that leads one to “load up” on extraneous features. Stay with what you know and you will likely end up being satisfied with the car you end up taking home.


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