When is the best time to buy a car?

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5 great opportunities to find a deal

The best time to buy a new car might simply be when you need it most. But if your purchase is not urgent and maximizing savings is your goal, there are some dates on the calendar it certainly helps to know about.

The following are all smart times to visit the dealership and shop for a deal.


1. Late in the month

The last week and particularly the last weekend of the month are often when dealership staff need to sell the final cars that enable them to meet their sales goals. They may more willing to negotiate on the price of a vehicle as a result.


2. End of the model year

Late summer, around Labor Day, is when most new-model-year cars start to reach dealership lots. With dealers keen to free up space for them, it’s a great time to shop for discounted current-model-year vehicles. While Labor Day sales events are an early opportunity to check out such offers, dealers will be aiming to move outgoing models throughout the fall.


3. Black Friday

The car-buying stars align the day after Thanksgiving. There are deep discounts to be had from automakers on the outgoing models, dealerships may offer their own reductions, and the holiday weekend falls at the end of the month. Many carmakers use Thanksgiving to kick off holiday season sales that run until the end of the year.


4. End of the calendar year

With both manufacturers and dealers looking to finish the year on a high, this is one of the best times to find a deal, particularly on “leftover” outgoing-model-year vehicles. December has the highest discount on the manufacturer’s suggested retail price, at 6.1 percent on average, and the highest incentives in the year, according to Edmunds.


5. Early in the week

Weekends are understandably busy times for dealerships, so timing a visit early in the week, on a Monday or Tuesday when they are quieter and demand is lower, can also help you get a vehicle at a good price.


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