Top 10 cars and SUVs we keep the longest

New cars come and go, but there are some we hold onto longer than others.

Mainly, they’re sports cars and SUVs that provide a cherished way to hit the road or dependable transportation year in, year out. That’s according to, which analyzed five million vehicle sales to determine the 10 new models we keep longest before selling.

Sports cars are most numerous, with five of the 10, including the storied Chevrolet Corvette, Ford Mustang and Porsche 911. Not typically “daily drivers,” these vehicles “don’t accrue high mileage as a result, so it takes them longer to show signs of wear and tear,” says Phong Ly, CEO of the car research site.

It’s an SUV that stays on driveways longest, however. The Toyota Land Cruiser is kept for 11.4 years on average – more than a third longer than the all-vehicle average of 8.4 years. Besides being a reliable and capable off-roader, owners may stick with the Land Cruiser as it doesn’t look dated, says Ly.


Toyota Land Cruiser off road
Toyota Land Cruiser: A long-time companion, off-road and on.


Three other SUVs feature: the full-size Ford Expedition and Toyota Sequoia plus the mid-size Toyota 4Runner, all known to be good options for growing families. The Toyota Avalon is the sole sedan.


New cars kept longest

With average years of ownership

  1. Toyota Land Cruiser, 11.4 years
  2. Chevrolet Corvette, 10.5 years
  3. Mercedes-Benz SL-Class, 10.3 years
  4. Audi TT, 10.2 years
  5. Ford Expedition, 10.1 years
  6. Ford Mustang, 10 years
  7. Toyota 4Runner, 10 years
  8. Porsche 911, 9.9 years
  9. Toyota Sequoia, 9.9 years
  10. Toyota Avalon, 8.4 years

If you’re considering buying an SUV, whether for the family or otherwise, it could be one of the following. examined the popular utility segment more closely to come up with the 10 SUVs that have the longest terms of ownership. All are kept for at least nine years from new.


New SUVs kept longest

With average years of ownership

  1. Toyota Land Cruiser, 11.4 years
  2. Ford Expedition, 10.1 years
  3. Toyota 4Runner, 10.0 years
  4. Toyota Sequoia, 9.9 years
  5. Ford Explorer, 9.6 years
  6. Dodge Durango, 9.6 years
  7. Chevrolet Suburban, 9.3 years
  8. Nissan Pathfinder, 9.3 years
  9. Lincoln Navigator, 9.1 years
  10. Chevrolet Tahoe, 9.1 years

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