The Evolution of The Porsche 911 Model

June has arrived, and with it, warmer days and longer sunsets. All across the country, people driving high performance cars are gently cruising through the beautiful weather or testing their skills with their hands tightly on the steering wheel.

Temperatures are rising, stresses are falling, windows are going down and RPMs are going up, as beautifully designed sports cars sweep along highways from coast to coast.

Everyone has his/her own preferences, sure, but few sports cars have been able to compete with the legacy of the Porsche 911. This infographic, inspired by the clean and elegant design of the Porsche 911 itself, shows the progression of this car from its earliest designs in the 1960s to the powerhouse we see excelling and accelerating on the roadways today. Has seeing this infographic interested you in getting your hands on one of your own? Consider a car loan; you’ll be cruising around in no time.

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