RoadLoans, You’re Looking Pretty Good!

RoadLoans website redesign


Looks aren’t everything. But when you’ve got style like this, you strut your stuff.

Which “this”? This site. Hadn’t you noticed? We’re wearing quite a stylish new ensemble.

The tireless RoadLoans team has rebuilt the public site from the ground up, given it a facelift, and strengthened the website inside and out.

RoadLoans offers services of auto purchase financing and refinancing of existing auto loans, and a myriad of informative tools that help with the buying process. Everything under that umbrella got redesigned, and all with the goal of improving the customer experience, according to RoadLoans designer, Joseph Smietanski.

Smietanski explained, “We saw an opportunity to better serve our customers with an improved interactive experience. We wanted to give customers who use any device a more convenient and efficient tool to make their car financing and car shopping experience easier than ever.”

Everything on the RoadLoans website from this blog site (take a look at the main blog page) to the fine print at the bottom of the purchase details was rewritten, redesigned and/or graphically overhauled.

And that’s not all. Everything behind the scenes has been upgraded, too.

“The website architecture has been rewritten to the latest platforms and technologies, which results in a faster and more efficient browsing experience for our website visitors,” Smietanski continued. “Regardless of what device they are using, from desktop devices to tablets to phones, visitors can now experience a tailored browsing experience on the go.”

WordPress, makers of the tools that were used to build the site, are also used by such popular websites as CNN, NBC Sports, Time, UPS and Dow Jones. The site redesign is already getting some pretty great attention, too.

“It’s a great example of a corporate site packed with information & tools for their customers!” Sara Rosso, of the WordPress VIP blog, states.

We asked Smietanski about what’s on the horizon for the RoadLoans site. He replied, “On the horizon we’d like to continue to make the car buying process easier for our visitors with new tools and resources. The new website is not a finished product per se, but a big step forward in better serving our website visitor’s needs.”

Well, if the future looks anything like this, we’d say that it looks pretty bright.

With financing from RoadLoans, your car shopping experience changes into a car shopping vacation. Apply today.

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