A car for all seasons
  This is such a wonderful time of year. Wintry sights and sounds, foggy breath puffing into frosty air, low clouds that are heavy with mist, snow, ice and sleet, sand trucks on every highway, runs on bread at the supermarket - wait a minute. Where's the weather guy I can blame this on? Among those who we will affectionately, and perhaps a bit enviously, call "snowbirds," who enjoy the lifestyle of being in whichever part of the country has the most pleasant climate at that time, they usually have roots and family in one spot or another. So they… Read More

Tax time and refinancing – the basics
  Of the two certain things in life, only taxes can actually have an upside. Now, we're about to give you so much information about car refinancing, tax refunds and related information, that we're putting the necessary disclaimer legalese right up front for this blog post: DISCLAIMER: These statements are informational suggestions only and should not be construed as legal, accounting, or professional advice, nor are they intended as a substitute for legal or professional guidance. Please consult a tax professional. Now that that's out of the way, let's get to the good stuff. Related: Tax returns and auto loans… Read More

And the Academy Award for Best Car goes to …
Wouldn’t it be great if they really had an award for that? Give it some time. They probably will, eventually. Here are our picks for the greatest movie cars of all time. Patton (1970) Directed by Franklin J. Schaffner, “Patton” is a biographical war film about U.S. Army Gen. George S. Patton (George C. Scott), and takes place during World War II. “Patton” won seven Academy Awards, including best picture.   Not all Army transport jeeps were of the Willys marque.… Read More

The State of Self-Driving Cars
  As a young girl, I’m lucky to have had the opportunity to grow up and live in this modern age of technology. It seems as though everyday I hear of some new gadget hitting the stores, and each time the next is even more cutting-edge than the last. I was amazed when I heard that a car could have a touch-screen display or administer hands-free phone calls. All this seems extremely trivial compared to the latest invention I have come across – self-driving cars. When I first thought of the seemingly impossible idea… Read More

Top 6 personalities you might encounter when buying or selling a vehicle
Honestly, whether you're the person selling your car, or the person buying a car, as from a dealership or a private seller, the buyer-seller interpersonal dynamic is fraught with issues. Is the experience really so bad? Nah. Most likely, things will turn out pretty much as expected, and you MIGHT have one or two lingering disappointments that you soon deal with or forget about. But what are the troublesome personalities that you can look out for, and how do you deal with them? Fear not. Answers are here. The buyers The hummm bug She sounds interested, but has probably already… Read More

Tips for traveling with pets
I think most people would agree that going on a road trip alone is not as much fun as traveling with a companion. A great road trip buddy can help keep you company, break up the monotony and even offer some unexpected excitement. If you’ve ever hopped in a car with a pet feline or man’s best friend along for the ride, you know “unexpected” and “excitement” are part of your journey from Point A to Point B. I have brought my own dogs, Scooby and Cash, on many road trips in the past and it’s always turned out to… Read More

Players and Cars – The 2015 NBA All-Star players and the cars they could be
This weekend isn’t just about candy hearts and flowers - it’s the 2015 NBA All-Star weekend! Here at RoadLoans, we know a little bit about matching celebrities and cars, so as the glamorous weekend full of sporting activities involving the world’s greatest basketball players approaches, we’re going to give our list of the 10 original 2015 NBA All-Star starters and the cars that we think about when we see them. Western Conference 2011 Bentley Continental GT V8: An incredibly fast 4-wheel-drive beast that comes off the line with a quick release and one of the smoothest rides possible. Point guard,… Read More

Valentine’s Day car gifts for 2015
Let us help you get something for that special someone, for that object of love and affection in your life, for that beautiful soul - who drives a car. Tile ($25) - The key to using a car is … well, the keys. And losing one's keys can lead to losing one's mind. What a difference having or losing such a tiny thing can make! Among a field of similar offerings, the new GPS microtracker, Tile is a simple solution to a potentially disastrous problem. Simply attach the small tag to keys or any… Read More

Save lives by reducing distracted driving | Drive Safe 2015
Over the last hundred years, cars have transformed the way our society functions. Vast highways connect our lives to places and people that we love. RoadLoans helps people tap into this amazing resource by providing car loans and refinancing for auto loans. With easy access to a car, people have the ability to expand their world and the resources available to them. However, despite advancements in auto safety technology, there will always be the danger of human error. As we move into 2015, it is important to reflect back on the previous year and evaluate ourselves from both a personal… Read More

Avoid these 7 mistakes when getting a car loan
For most people, buying a car is a big deal. It can signify a transition from one chapter of your life to the next. Or maybe you have finally saved enough money to purchase a vehicle and are ready to feel the pride that can come with driving a new car. No matter what the circumstances, it would probably be unwise to walk into a dealership looking to buy a new car like you would walk into a department store to buy a new pair of shoes. Here are some tips on what to do and what to avoid when… Read More