Fuel economy top of mind for car buyers, despite low gas prices
  Saving the planet and reducing fuel bills sounds like a win-win for every car buyer. And both outcomes appear to be gaining at least some ground when you look at the results of a consumer survey that places fuel efficiency top among car-buying factors. Of 1,006 consumers surveyed, 57 percent said it was the primary influence in their vehicle purchase, according to the research commissioned by Johnson Controls, an automotive battery manufacturer. Car buyers are putting fuel economy first despite low gas prices, although they are still moving toward larger vehicles that typically consume more fuel. “What we’re seeing… Read More

Car terms to know when getting an AC check
  In the height of summer, depending on where you are in the country, air-conditioning (AC) is a “must" for many drivers, or a very useful convenience at the least. If anyone finds themselves melting in a hot car and needs to take their vehicle to a garage for an AC check, we have some terms that my help you out. This list contains key terms you’re most likely to encounter when taking your car in, and should help guide you in dealing with your mechanic, so you know what is going on in your car. Recharging – When the… Read More

The drive-thru, an American icon
  Fact: We’re all very busy these days. Fact: There are times it’s hard to block out time to eat. Fact: For many of us, this is where the restaurant drive-thru comes into play. You know the scenario. You’re out driving around, crossing things off the honey-do list, when suddenly the rumble of the road is overtaken by the rumbling of the tummy. You’re far from home and still needing to finish some errands, so what do you do? Yep, cruise through the drive-thru. According to The NPD Group, a market research firm, roughly 12.4 billion trips were made by… Read More

The Automobile in the Not-So-Distant Future: What “Driving” Will Be Like in 2025
When the first “Back to the Future” film was released in 1985, it seemed that our futuristic dreams and visions were finally coming to life. A time-traveling car was soon followed by the hoverboard and flying cars in “Back to the Future Part II.” What was once science fiction in comics and novels appeared a step closer once on the silver screen. As the real world passed the “D-day” of “Back to the Future II”—October 21, 2015—the cars we had been dreaming of since 1985 weren’t quite what we expected. Although the last 30 years didn’t give us the flying… Read More

Car buyers still look for reliability first, says J.D. Power
    If you’re making one of life’s major purchases, wouldn’t you want to be confident that purchase would last? So it is with cars. Reliability remains the key factor when choosing a new vehicle according to J.D. Power’s 2016 Initial Quality Study. Almost half of buyers and lessees, 49 percent, say “expected reliability” is the most important element when deciding upon a new car or light truck. The research looked at the feedback of more than 80,000 buyers and lessees of 2016-model vehicles after the first 90 days of ownership. Those findings echo the 2015 study, when the corresponding… Read More

Buying a car out of state
Cars can be like shoes; shopping for them may involve trying them on and seeing how they fit. Other times, your previous test drives have informed your decision, and all you really need to choose now is the color. And sometimes, the vehicle that’s just right for you means buying a car out of state. Hmmm. You might have questions at this point. That’s normal. There are certainly things involved in buying a car from another state that you need to be aware of, but we’ll do what we can to give you some direction and soften the blow.  … Read More

Choosing the right SUV: A shopper’s guide from KBB
  SUV and crossover sales are growing rapidly as these vehicles are found to be increasingly versatile, functional and cost efficient, and there are more great qualities that make these cars so popular in today’s modern market. Modern car manufacturers are continually improving, advancing and inventing new products to share with the world. With so many car options to consider, Kelley Blue Book (KBB) has provided a shopper’s guide to SUVs including a variety price points, sizes, and functions – they have it all. It’s your guide to any kind of SUV you are looking to buy and how each… Read More

America’s Greatest Road Trips: US National Parks
There are 58 national parks in the United States: how many have you been to? America houses some of the most beautiful parks and monuments in the world, and they are right here at our fingertips. This summer, if you’re looking for some adventure, try out these national park road trip ideas! They include the natural parks of the West and East Coasts – and everything in between! Celebrate the centennial of the National Park Service in 2016 and begin planning your national parks road trip itinerary today!   Acadia National Park – Maine • Take a trip to the… Read More

Another awesome summer road trip playlist – 33 more tunes for the road
  We asked and you answered … thank you! Last month we released our playlist of the best summer road trip songs. Included in the article was a chance for readers to submit their favorite songs to crank up when hitting the highway on summer road trips. And there were some great ones! We compiled a new list, including ones we may have missed the first time along, and a selection of your recommendations that were sent via Twitter and Facebook, to create Another Awesome RoadLoans Summer Road Trip Playlist. You can listen to the playlist via Spotify. Interested in… Read More

The Complete Ghostbusting History of Ecto-1 [Infographic]
New York City is about to be held in the slimy grip of the paranormal once more, but there are some big differences between the original “Ghostbusters” movie and the upcoming reboot, released on July 15. There are new characters to consider, of course, but fans of the supernatural comedy franchise take the iconic Ecto-1 vehicle very seriously, too. After all, they even created a petition to take ownership of the first model, hoping to restore it to its prime. The 1959 Cadillac ambulance into which piled Bill Murray, Dan Aykroyd and Harold Ramis during the earlier movies is replaced… Read More

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