Millennials’ first love is a road trip, survey finds

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Millennials are often associated with a love of technology and digital connectedness. Given free time, however, there’s actually nothing they like more than a road trip.

Heading out for a driving adventure was named the top activity among members of this age group taking part in a survey for Mazda.

Thirty-nine percent of the 1,004 respondents, aged 23-38, placed this first. And most of those (64 percent) valued the quality time it afforded with their travel companions – typically a loved one.

In fact, when asked to pick, almost all (92 percent) said they would go road-tripping with someone near and dear to them over a celebrity musician, athlete, actor or social media star.


Current cars less appealing

Another important companion on the road is the car, but millennial drivers were less enthusiastic about this part of the experience. Half said they would give their current vehicle a fail or barely passing grade for road-trip worthiness.

The main issues they identified were limited storage space, particularly for camping and sports equipment, along with uncomfortable seating and hard-to-reach settings. Over three-quarters (76 percent) of respondents have had difficulty fitting what they want to take with them into their car, and 43 percent said a more comfortable interior would make their drive more enjoyable.


Get road trip ready

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