KBB’s best buys for 2015

When I first saw the Kelley Blue Book ratings for the “Best Buy” cars of 2015, I was both surprised and happy to see Chevrolet represented in two of the key categories. Kelley annually picks a car from each category, or type, that they determine to be the best all-around car for its price. Growing up in a family that owns both a Chevrolet and Volkswagen dealership, naturally, those were the only types of cars that my family owned.

In the category for “Best Full-Sized Car” the 2015 Chevy Impala took the prize with a completely redesigned exterior that is complemented by a very stylish interior. Strutting a sleek new look and plenty of high-end technological advances, the Impala is one fine automobile that easily seats a family of five with room to spare. It also includes plenty of leftover storage space in the trunk. From a cost standpoint, it is less expensive to purchase than many competing cars (though you will probably still need a car loan), and also requires less expense for maintenance and general upkeep. It comes highly rated as an easy, safe and smooth car to drive.

The second Chevrolet to make the list was the 2015 Tahoe. It took high honors for being the “Best Full-Size SUV.” Amazingly, Chevrolet managed to make this humongous car easy to control on the road. With an extremely large and modern interior that also quiets outside noises, the Tahoe is a spectacular ride. It too comes equipped with a slew of the newest and best technological enhancements, including multiple passenger viewing screens – one even folds into a smartly placed personal compartment. The overall features of this car, along with its attractive price tag, makes this high-end qualify car one of the best of its kind for 2015.

In the area of “Best Safety Rated Sedans of 2015,” one of the cars my family owns made the list – the Volkswagen Passat. I am pleased to say it got a 5-Star Rating on the NHTSA overall crash test rating. I gain great pleasure knowing that my family and I are safe while driving such a good-looking car. Speaking from my own personal experience, I love the drive of the Passat. It is one smooth and easy car to drive and maneuver. I can also attest to this car’s durability as I drove an earlier model Passat through all sorts of “bumps in the road” during my reckless teenage years.

Putting aside my personal favorite “Best Buy” picks, the overall winner across all categories, was the 2015 Ford F-150. As expected, the F-150 continues to be “the annual best-selling vehicle in the United States.” For its latest model, Ford made drastic changes to the make up of the vehicle, allowing it to lose a massive amount of overall weight which, in turn, translates to better performance and fuel-efficiency. No less appealing, the newest F-150 comes equipped with a roomie interior that includes a “rear seat that is one of the widest and roomiest in the entire automotive world.” It is about as safe and comfortable as any vehicle that it is matched up against. It comes stocked with multiple driving controls and assist mechanisms that all lead to an easy and enjoyable ride.

As a whole, each of these cars presents compelling buys when considered for one’s personal needs, and I would agree that they would all be included in my book of “best buys of 2015.”

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