Edmunds.com names 17 best cars on the market – Part 2

Ram 1500

The best five-passenger SUV on the market is the 2013 Honda CR-V. The best large pickup truck is this year’s Ram 1500. And the best hybrid is the Toyota Prius.

But these are just three of the vehicles on Edmunds.com’s list of “The 17 Best Cars You Can Buy – The Vehicles We’d Buy for Ourselves” written by James Riswick, Edmund.com automotive editor.

“We crafted this list of the ‘Best Cars You Can Buy,’ with an emphasis on the word ‘best,’” wrote Riswick in the article posted recently at Edmunds.com. “This isn’t ‘the cars that give you the best value for your money,’ or ‘the cars that an owner survey dictated were the most reliable.’ [And] it certainly is not ‘the cars that will most likely get you noticed outside the club.’”

It’s worth noting that the list comprises 17 categories of vehicles and is not a ranking within the list.

A total of 14 brands appear on the full list, led by Toyota with three vehicles – the Avalon, Tacoma and Prius – and Honda with two – the CR-V and Odyssey. Vehicles by American carmakers include the Ram 1500 pickup, Buick Enclave, Ford Focus and Chevrolet’s Corvette.

Today we present the final eight of Edmunds.com’s honor roll of 17 vehicles, all 2013 models unless noted otherwise:

  • Five-passenger SUV: Honda CR-V
  • Seven-passenger SUV: Buick Enclave (2014)
  • Luxury SUV: Range Rover
  • Small pickup truck: Toyota Tacoma
  • Large pickup truck: Ram 1500
  • Minivan: Honda Odyssey (2014)
  • Electric/alternative fuel vehicle: Tesla Model S
  • Hybrid: Toyota Prius

“Cars are so much more than just a sum of features and specifications,” said Edmunds.com. “Just because you have a bunch of yummy-sounding ingredients doesn’t mean you can’t screw up baking a cake.”

Check out yesterday’s post on “The Open Road” blog for the first nine vehicles making the Edmunds list. Go here for reviews of the 17 vehicles on the Edmunds.com list. You also can check out Edmunds.com’s “The 17 Worst Cars You Can Buy – Friends Don’t Let Friends Buy These Vehicles” by Riswick.

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