Car shoppers reveal favorite auto brands of 2019

Honda Pilot SUV


Reliability, value, performance, style – these are just some of the qualities that can shape an auto brand and play into your next car-buying decision. And while you will have your own perceptions of brand ahead of a new purchase, the wisdom of 12,000 shoppers might also help.

Enter the Kelley Blue Book Brand Image Awards. Including 13 winners across seven categories, they recognize the carmakers that generate most enthusiasm among new-vehicle shoppers who do their research at Take a look at their top brands for 2019, and the comments of Kelley Blue Book, below.


Best overall brand – Honda

The breadth of its lineup with impressive vehicles ranging from the efficient and affordable Fit up through its Pilot three-row SUV is evidence that Honda is committed to having a vehicle that’s suited for both first-time buyers and loyal owners looking for that next Honda to fit their current needs.  


Best overall luxury brand – Lexus

Setting the benchmark for luxury brands worldwide, Lexus worked hard to build a reputation that’s backed by the quality of its products and the care with which it serves its audience.   


Most trusted brand – Subaru

Consistency is the key to building trust and Subaru is, if anything, unchanging in its commitment to making high-quality vehicles that inspire confidence.   


Most trusted luxury brand – Lexus

Even as Lexus looks to edgier styling to attract a younger audience, it remains committed to building durable and reliable vehicles.  


Best value brand – Honda

Returning as the leading value brand for the fifth year running, Honda has the enviable position of offering cars and trucks that have a great reputation for durability, reliability and resale value.  


Best value luxury brand – Acura

Acura delivers high-tech luxury at affordable prices, whether it’s the compact ILX sedan or the flagship NSX, which delivers supercar performance, not to mention Acura’s RDX and MDX crossover SUVs.  


Most refined brand – Honda

With each succeeding generation of new vehicles, Honda continues to hone its refinement efforts, which contribute greatly to the perception that you are getting a vehicle that has the presence of one that’s a class higher.  


Most refined luxury brand – Mercedes-Benz

Refinement is one of those core values that defines vehicles wearing the three-pointed star.   


Best performance brand – Mazda

Mazda’s reputation as a performance brand isn’t just because the Mazda3 and Mazda6 are arguably the most fun-to-drive cars in their segments. You can also look at the Mazda CX-3, CX-5 and CX-9 SUVs, and realize they’re the most driver-centric in their competitive sets as well.   


Best luxury performance brand – Porsche

There are few brands that are as sharply focused on driving excitement and performance as Porsche. The lineup continues to expand, including sedans and SUVs, all of which offer the unique driving feel the company is known for.  


Best styling brand – Dodge

Dodge may be a first-time winner in this category, but its vehicles’ designs were inspired by decades of muscle-car legacy and attitude. Consider the muscular Challenger, a new take on the company’s classic 1970s model, which is offered in the same colors that were available back then. 


Best luxury styling brand – Porsche

The Porsche 911 has one of the most iconic shapes in the history of the automobile. You can see Porsche’s liquid curves taken even further in the 718 Boxster and Cayman, as well as in the Cayenne, Macan and Panamera.  


Best overall truck brand – Toyota

While full-size trucks are the prime battleground in the pickup market, the rising popularity of midsize models may be beginning to have an impact on the image of manufacturers … The Tundra has long been a credible entry, but the gold standard in the midsize market and resale value winner is the stalwart Tacoma. 


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