Useful car terms to know

Talking about cars can get complicated at times, especially if you’re not familiar with the terminology. The following articles explain some automotive terms you may come across in different situations, from trading in a vehicle to getting a service. Click the headlines to learn more.


Useful car terms to know


Car terms to know when trading in your vehicle

Walk into the dealership with the confidence to negotiate a better deal by understanding the likes of “trade-in allowance,” an “upside down loan” and “rolling over.”


Car terms to know in the F&I office

When you sit down to pay for your vehicle, you may be offered some optional products you’re not familiar with. Get up to speed with add-ons to make the right decision.


Car terms to know when getting a service

Have you ever got your car serviced without knowing exactly what you just paid for? These definitions will help to put you in the know before your next visit to the shop.


Car terms to know when getting an oil change

An oil change is simple, right? But do you know the difference between full-synthetic, synthetic blend and conventional oil?


Car terms to know when getting an AC check

Depending on where you are in the country, fully functioning air conditioning is a must. These are the terms you’re most likely to encounter when getting an AC check.


Car terms to know when filling up at the pump

Look beyond the price and there are other differences to the fuel available at the gas station. Discover how they can benefit the right vehicle.


Car terms to know: Winter tires and snow chains

Driving in winter presents its own set of challenges, and knowing when to use winter tires and snow chains will help keep you safe.


Car terms to know for the holidays

Check out these automotive terms and tips to get your holiday season running smoothly.


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