Car terms to know for the holidays



As you venture onto the roads for the holidays, here are some car terms and tips to keep in mind and help the season go smoothly.

Designated driver – It’s the season of parties, and if you’re travelling in a group, make sure you designate someone who won’t be drinking alcohol to drive safely.

Defensive driving – Not everyone drives responsibly at this time of year, however, and there may be drunk or distracted drivers on the road. Staying alert and driving defensively, through practices like anticipating dangerous situations and other drivers’ mistakes, will help you stay safe.

Preparedness – With winter weather to contend with, it pays to be prepared before setting out. Check the weather forecast to know what’s in store and plan accordingly. Our winter driving tips for the holidays tell you how to prepare your vehicle, what to bring along, and give pointers for driving in snow. If the weather is severe, you might encounter an extreme driving situation – see our infographic with detailed tips for tackling that scenario, too.

Winter tires – If winter temperatures where you live regularly fall below 45 degrees, get a set of winter tires, says TireBuyer, and switch all four together. Even if you have an all-wheel-drive vehicle, winter tires will help.

Snow chains – Tire chains fitted to the drive wheels, or each wheel if you have all-wheel-drive, provide extra grip and traction. If you’re planning to travel through mountainous areas, perhaps on a rocky road trip or skiing vacation, a set of chains could make the journey easier and safer.

“Carmageddon” – A white Christmas may not be guaranteed, but the odds of millions of motorists taking to the roads at this time of year are fairly good. No matter how busy you are, taking a moment to check for traffic congestion, alternative routes and times of travel is surely worth it to avoid potential gridlock.

“Are we there yet?” – Parents planning a holiday road trip with the kids might have cries of “Are we there yet?” ringing in their ears before the halfway mark. Not the most magical sound of season, but a good reason to pack entertainment for the journey.

And in case you’re thinking about a new car…

Holiday sales event – The holidays are an increasingly good time to shop for new cars thanks to the abundance of year-end deals taking place from Thanksgiving through New Year. Many automakers are currently offering a range of savings across 2016- and 2017-year models as they attempt to shift inventory. Research by shows it’s an opportune time to find a used car, too, with Christmas Eve, Christmas and New Year’s Eve all among the top 10 days to find deals.

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