Your most satisfying car purchase could be one of these winners

A quiet engine. A super-comfortable seat. Interior storage that fits your every need.

These are just a few of the things that can form the overall car ownership experience and determine how happy a buyer is with their purchase.

They’ve also been recorded to let shoppers know which vehicles provide most satisfaction.

AutoPacific, an automotive marketing and product-consulting firm, asked 50,000 new car, truck and SUV owners for their feedback on 32 separate attributes, and let the results speak for themselves.


Nissan Maxima luxury mid-size car
Satisfaction guaranteed? The Nissan Maxima claims the luxury mid-size car satisfaction award for the fourth year.


Their 2019 Vehicle Satisfaction Awards include some standout performers as well as winners across 25 model segments.

The Lincoln Navigator is the most satisfying vehicle overall, while Japanese automaker Nissan, with six, has most winning models.

Lincoln is the most rewarding premium brand, owners say, with Ram getting most love among popular brands.

Passenger car, SUV and pickup truck winners are awarded as follows.


Vehicle Satisfaction Award winners

Passenger cars
Luxury car – Lincoln Continental
Aspirational luxury car – Infiniti Q60
Luxury mid-size car – Nissan Maxima
Large car – Kia Cadenza
Mid-size car – Nissan Altima
Premium compact car – Acura ILX
Compact car – Kia Forte
Economy car – Hyundai Accent
Sports car – Chevrolet Corvette
Sporty car – Dodge Challenger
Luxury EV car – Tesla Model 3
Mainstream EV car – Honda Clarity EV


SUVs, trucks and minivans
Luxury SUV – Lincoln Navigator
Large SUV – Nissan Armada
Mid-size SUV – Jeep Grand Cherokee
Premium luxury crossover SUV – Mercedes-Benz GLE
Luxury crossover SUV – Lincoln Nautilus
Large crossover SUV – Chevrolet Traverse
Premium mid-size crossover SUV – Nissan Murano
Mis-size crossover SUV – Nissan Rogue
Compact crossover SUV – Hyundai Tucson
Minivan – Chrysler Pacifica
Light duty pickup – Ram 1500
Mid-size pickup – Ford Ranger
Luxury EV truck – Tesla Model X EV


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