What to pack for a college sporting event road trip

Road tripping to a rival school for a baseball, football, soccer, heck any, game is a college tradition that has been going on for decades. These travels are the highlight of many college students during their time spent in higher education. It can be argued that these trips are not as successful, however, without the necessary supplies and equipment. Here’s our list of what to pack for a road trip to a college sporting event.


The first major item that must be included in any proper road trip and tailgating experience is a barbecue grill. Cooking hot dogs and hamburgers in the parking lot before the game is a tradition that has been passed down from generation to generation. These inexpensive, but tasty, game day meals won’t make a significant dent in a college student’s checkbook (which is very limited), but will still have the ability to fill their stomachs.


The intense heat can often be a factor at a college game, especially in the south. It is very important that road trippers have something to quench their thirst and help keep hydrated in the hot sun. To this point, it’s a good idea for any tailgate gathering to have a large supply of bottled water. In addition, sodas and sports drinks are also great beverages for students to enjoy. Make sure you keep your beverages in cans or plastic containers as many sports facilities prohibit the use of glass containers in parking lots.

Games at the game

Now that the food and drinks are taken care of, it’s time to cover the game that should be present at every tailgate, corn hole. This activity can be enjoyed by anyone, and it’s very easy to learn. The object is to toss a small sack into a hole on a large plank of wood. It’s a simple game that still has a competitive aspect that many college students (including myself) find a lot of fun. This game can be purchased at a store, however many students build them themselves so they can customize the plank of wood to represent their school’s team.


The next important item that is maybe the most critical to any tailgate is music. Recently, Bluetooth speakers have been taking over the college tailgating scene. These speakers connect to your smartphone and have the ability to produce a large amount of volume while still having crisp sound. Bluetooth speakers are also very durable, and certain brands even produce water/weather-proof speakers. So no matter what the weather is like, your tailgate can keep the music playing. Also, these speakers can be charged and don’t require any additional cording that could be a hazard to people walking around the tailgate.


The final thing you need to have at the tailgate is a lot of school pride and paraphernalia. The best way to show this is by flying a flag with your college team’s logo on it high in the middle of the parking lot. This will let everyone know which team you are rooting for and will encourage others who are rooting for your team to stop by. Banners that represent your team also are very common at any tailgate. Additionally, see if you can get plastic cups, plates and other accessories that are the same color as your team to show support. After doing this, your rival school will know you have arrived and are confident that your team will come out on top.

Making sure that you have all of these road trip necessities will guarantee that you have a great time before and during the game. These experiences are limited and you may only get a few opportunities in your life to road trip to your rival college for a game. That being said, you can make the most out of these trips by showing up ready, full of supplies and prepared for a great game.

-John Bechtold

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