The vending machine that dispenses cars


Looking to fill up on auto news? We’ve clocked some miles traversing the Web for all things auto-related. Pull in, grab a coffee and digest some of the week’s most interesting news with us.


Giant car vending machine serves up hot new wheels,” The Huffington Post

A refreshing break from the norm. Car buyers can now get their hands on a new car from a vending machine, a bit like getting a can of soda. Online auto retailer Carvana is enabling customers to buy a car online and opt to receive the vehicle through the “fully-automated pick-up experience,” according to its press release, reported by The Huffington Post. And it does involve a coin to push into the machine.

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What’s your state car? These are the unofficial cars for each of the 50 states,” Car and Driver

The staff at Car and Driver was curious what car models were overrepresented in each state. “What model of car did, say, California buy far more often than any other state in the Union?” the magazine asked. The vehicles of some states “conform to stereotypes – Texas loves the hulking Cadillac Escalade EXT,” but there are surprises too.

Take a look at your state in Car and Driver.


Cop pulls over Google self-driving car, finds no driver to ticket,” CNN

The Mountain View Police Department, California, pulled over a Google self-driving car for driving too slowly, 24 mph in a 35 mph zone to be precise, “with traffic apparently backing up behind it.” No ticket was issued; not because there was no driver but because no law had been broken, reports CNN.

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Chevrolet Colorado, Camaro awarded Motor Trend car and truck of the year,” USA Today

General Motors is celebrating after picking up two top awards from Motor Trend magazine. The accolades for the Chevrolet Colorado, named truck of the year, and Camaro, car of the year, provide “a key vindication for the company’s vehicle development decisions amid exceedingly competitive times,” says USA Today.

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Fiat resurrects Fiat 124 Spider roadster,” The Detroit News

The Fiat 124 is to be reborn 50 after the original “sporty icon” debuted in Italy. It is expected to be on sale in the U.S. next summer; a return to the market where it was last sold in 1985. The roadster “will be built on the same platform as the critically acclaimed 2016 Mazda MX-5 Miata,” reports The Detroit News.

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See you next week for more automotive news. Drive safe.

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