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There are a lot of good auto blogs online.

We think the RoadLoans blog is one of them, something largely confirmed by monthly views reported by Google Analytics that would rank us among the top 10 based on Blogmetrics data.

What readers may not realize is that RoadLoans is a direct-lending program of Santander Consumer USA (SC), which also has a blog providing more content intended to engage, inform and entertain readers interested in news and trends about or related to cars, trucks and SUVs.

Following are snippets of recent content, and links to the SC posts if you want to read more:


Odd car colors better?

You may not be able to tell a book by its cover.

But you apparently CAN tell which car loses value slower than average by its color.

And, the odder the better, it seems, based on an analysis of 1.6 million used car sales by, an automotive data and research company that helps consumers find the best car deals.

In fact, orange, yellow and green vehicles lost value a lot slower than those in more typical colors such as black, white and silver among three-year-old models, according to iSeeCars. “The more unusual colors, such as orange, yellow and green are not as readily available … yet they are popular with enough car buyers to create a demand that directly affects their resale value.”

For more complete results, READ MORE about the analysis.


A question worth asking

Who do you trust if you’re shopping for an online auto loan?

It’s a question worth asking, and one answer you might consider is RoadLoans.

Of course, you would expect a Santander Consumer USA (SC) blog post to say good things about RoadLoans, SC’s direct-to-consumer lending product for all credit profiles.

But most consumers are likely to prefer reviews by third parties, such as, and Trustpilot. Two of the three incorporate consumer reviews and all rate RoadLoans highly as an online auto-lending option. (RoadLoans engaged Trustpilot last year to provide independent, third-party customer reviews about our product.)

For additional details, READ MORE about third-party reviews of RoadLoans.


When a used car is best

Your current vehicle is starting to show its age and a replacement is in order.

A new car just isn’t in the cards, but that still leaves open the question of how old or recent a model you should get. And the answer may not be as obvious as it appears on the surface.

Newer used cars generally will have more up-to-date technology, usually lower mileage and are less likely to experience problems than older models. But older used cars may cost less and still be safe and reliable, which could be an important consideration if you’re on a tight budget.

As you would expect, opinions vary, and, ultimately, yours is the one that matters most. Shopping for a used vehicle is about which solution fits you.

Of course, you can READ MORE about finding that solution and how to “balance value and risk.”


Moms sporting a little flair

Soccer moms want to be cool too, right?

Just because you’re carting around a small apartment on wheels full of balls, bags and water bottles, doesn’t mean you don’t want to enjoy the envious gaze of onlookers admiring your nice ride.

So, what’s a mother of three up-and-coming participation-trophy winners to do? Can moms get some love? Can we have both functionality and fun?

Thankfully, some car and truck manufacturers have heard our cry and created vehicles that will allow us to sport a little flair as we fly from field to field. They include the Subaru Outback, Nissan Pathfinder, Toyota Highlander, Infinity JX35 and, yes, Honda Odyssey.

For details on each, READ MORE about our cool mom cars.


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