Romantic road trips to make Valentine’s Day miles better


As Valentine’s Day approaches, we have couples everywhere looking to plan a romantic evening for the special day to celebrate. Why not turn the occasion into a weekend excursion and plan a romantic road trip for the two of you to enjoy? Whether you fancy a surprise getaway, or a planned event, it can be one of the best ways to celebrate with your Valentine’s sweetheart. Here are some of my suggestions for romantic road trips, including destinations and stops along the way to help plan your journey.


Tucson to Sedona, Arizona

Those looking for both a romantic and adventurous weekend should check out Sedona, Arizona. Start your trip in Tucson and stop in Phoenix on your way: both great cities. Sedona houses some of the best spa stays for you to enjoy some rejuvenating yet relaxing time together. With great hiking opportunities, you can bike, walk, or host a romantic picnic along the trails. Wherever your adventure takes you, through the beautiful canyons or red rock formations (check out Bell Rock and Oak Creek Canyon for hiking), you can sit and watch the sunset among the beautiful scenery that Sedona has to offer.


San Francisco and Los Angeles to Carmel, California

For a beautiful drive, nice weather, and some top-notch wine to top off your weekend dining, take your romantic road trip adventure along the famous Route 1. Whether you start this scenic drive from San Francisco and head south, or come up north from Los Angeles, a beautiful place called Carmel, California awaits you. With a small village-style vibe, Carmel is located alongside a beautiful coastal beach for walking or cycling. Check out the town center to experience some of the best food and wines in America. After dinner, you and your sweetheart can enjoy some amazing art derived from the rich creative culture of Carmel.


Savannah, Georgia to Charleston, South Carolina

Try a romantic journey from Savannah, Georgia to Charleston, South Carolina, with a pit stop at Hilton Head Island on the way. Look into some hotels in Charleston, South Carolina. A beautiful area known for its historic and traditional Southern feel, it’s a relatively small city for you and your partner to enjoy. Take a carriage ride along the water and throughout the French Quarter to experience the rich culture Charleston has to offer. After dinner, try out a ghost tour for a little excitement on your trip.

If you decide to opt out of buying a gift for your girlfriend or boyfriend this Valentine’s Day, surprise them with perhaps the best gift of all: a romantic road trip together. It’s a great way to spend the holiday together and have a fun-filled weekend.

Have a look at our road trip planner for more ideas and travel tips.


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