RoadLoans – Who we are (Part 1)

roadloans.comThere are a lot of things you probably already know about RoadLoans – that we are one of the leading sources for online auto and truck financing, that we provide financing for customers nationwide, and that we don’t mind working with people who have challenging credit histories.

But what you may not know is why we do what we do. Our aim is to help people get into cars and, as a result, improve their quality of life.

Sounds a little too emotional for a financial services company, right? Well the truth is, we don’t want to be thought of as just another lender.

Scott Rundle, RoadLoans VP of Originations says, “From the moment we walk in the door, our focus is to help people. Our mission is to empower our customers.”

At RoadLoans, we believe empowerment comes from being pre-approved.  Financing is, arguably, the most challenging part of buying a car. The negotiating and haggling over car prices and monthly payments can be frightening, especially if you’ve had some hiccups with your credit.

We pride ourselves on meeting the auto finance needs of today’s car buyers. Sometimes that requires relating to the customer in a way other banks don’t.

“By getting pre-approved with RoadLoans, our customers have the upper hand going into the dealership,” explains Rundle. “They have the control, the power to choose the best fit for their lives.”

By controlling the car-buying process, the customer has the chance to make the decisions, not be at the mercy of the dealer or their available financing options.

After being approved in just seconds, RoadLoans customer Taffetta S. left this review on our website: “I did it all on my own, which makes me very proud to know that I am well on my way to rebuilding credit. Thanks again, RoadLoans and CarMax for making a woman’s dream come true.”

Brian E. had this to say: “I did not think I would ever get a car through a bank. I found RoadLoans and they helped me get a car.”

From where we sit, it’s about more than just providing financing. It’s about providing options, second chances and the opportunity to choose. Our goal at RoadLoans is to be more than a bank. We want to be your teammate, there to help whenever you need us. Most people would ask, “What is RoadLoans? But a better question would be “Who is RoadLoans?” We are people helping people.

In part 2 of “RoadLoans – Who we are,” we’ll tell you how our innovative technology helps us give customers a better online experience.

If you need fast-and-easy vehicle financing for a used or new car, crossover, pickup or SUV, RoadLoans empowers you to shop with confidence.

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