Road Trip America — It’s About the Experience

Road Trip America — It’s About the Experience

A friend and I were talking the other day about our plans for spring break. When he mentioned that he was driving with his son across several states to watch Major League spring training, my ears perked up.

Not only does that sound like a great way to spend a week’s vacation, but I love fun road trips. For me, historically speaking, spring break is synonymous with scenic road trips. And Florida.

For whatever reason, the best road trips of my youth always involved the Sunshine State as the vacation destination. Two years in a row when I was in grade school, my family gathered in the car and headed to fun in the sun at Florida beaches. In junior high, I journeyed with a buddy and his family to Tampa for a soccer camp. In high school I went to Florida again with a friend and his family, this time to Daytona where MTV was hosting live concerts on the sand. I’m not going to say that everything during these drives was smooth sailing. (Are we there yet?) But I do have fond, often funny, memories of every trip. It’s all part of the experience and probably why I love road trips so much and continue to hit the highway every March.

As an adult, I’ve had the pleasure of passing on the spring break road trip tradition to my own family, logging more miles and downing more strips of beef jerky than I can count. And though the automobile’s interior amenities have evolved over the years — we didn’t have rear-seat entertainment systems, a minifridge between the seats, or smart phone apps to occupy our drive time — we have still had fun traversing the country and making unforgettable road trip moments. Again, it’s about the experience.

With spring break upon us, it’s time to load up the car and make some more memories. Where is the road leading you this season? Maybe you are taking your first road trip in a car you purchased through RoadLoans. Or just traveling to a friend’s to watch the Road to the Final Four. No matter what your plans are, be safe and enjoy the ride.

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