National Car Care Month – The Hows and Whys

It’s April, which means it’s time to celebrate National Car Care Month! Time to give your trusty vehicle some extra attention and make sure it is healthy and in good working condition!

This time of year is devoted to car care because it is the perfect time to get your car checked out after enduring the long, hard winter months. You should have your car inspected by a licensed professional as it may have experienced significant wear and tear from the harsh colder weather.

It makes sense to prepare your car – as well as yourself – for the beautiful spring weather, but don’t forget to brace yourself for the spring showers. Proper preparation now will make driving around with the top down or going on a road trip during the summer months so much more enjoyable and relaxing.

Many businesses support National Car Care Month by offering special incentives or hosting events throughout the month of April. While there is a high concentration of businesses offering car care clinics in the Northeast (likely due to the severity of the harsh winter weather they experience) there are offers from all over the U.S. by participating businesses.

This includes teaching car owners how to make routine checks and learn how to recognize when their car needs to be serviced. Many of these clinics are lead by professionals who also can answer any questions that auto owners may have about their car and home car care. There are some car shops hosting grand-opening events with free vehicle inspections, and a free car wash for each car that gets inspected. Others offer tire inspections and rotations, and these promotions are often offered free of charge. To see what promotions your local businesses are offering, go to

A favorite promotion I recently ran across in my area had a car repair station offering a free wash for anyone who got their car inspected. Several of my friends have taken advantage of this opportunity. They all love the idea that they can have their car inspected and address any safety concerns, and then get a free car wash to rid the car of any remaining winter residue and spruce up the car’s exterior appearance.

Just a quick trip to a participating service center before the end of the month and you will be able to enjoy any number of promotional offers and/or savings. Within no time, you can be driving around knowing that your car is in optimal condition and ready to bask in the summer season.

Happy National Car Care Month!

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