Mother’s Day gift ideas – Part 2

Yesterday, we got Mother’s Day weekend kicked off right by giving you some gift ideas that your mom might be able use every day of the year. But wait, there’s more!



My mom always loves a new pair of sunglasses. Maybe pick out a fresh new stylish pair for her to wear while driving. She can both look good and see well as she cruises around town. Also, if your mother has had the same pair of sunglasses since the ’90s, I think you would be doing her a huge favor.


An inexpensive, cute gift that you could find for your mother would be a charming keychain. Get one with her name, or your family name emblazoned, or maybe one that has a fun toy animal that she would like – complete with a flashlight built into it. Or consider one that has an attachment piece for a picture of your family or her favorite pet, something to make her smile when she is in a rush running out the door and grabbing the keys.

Satellite Radio Membership

Among all the new car technologies, one of my mom’s favorites is satellite radio. There are so many channels and options that cater to an individual’s preferences, especially the throwback channels playing oldies all day. Try thinking about activating or extending her membership so she can easily listen to the music she enjoys most.

AUX Cord

If your mom’s car doesn’t have satellite radio capability, buy her an AUX cord. Many cars now have the capability to play music from your phone. Teach her how to use it, and help her make a playlist. This way, she can turn it on before she leaves and will be able to put her phone down for the rest of the ride while her favorite songs play.

Gift Cards

I know that most moms (and myself) are always running out of the house in a rush, so give her a few gift cards to Starbucks, the local grocery, or her favorite restaurant. If she forgets her wallet and needs some coffee to wake up, or you are complaining about how empty the fridge is, she won’t have to make a trip back home to get her purse. You can make her life easier and possibly brighten a long day.

To all the moms out there, past, present and future, Happy Mother’s Day.

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