Mother’s Day gift ideas – Part 1

This Sunday, May 10, is Mother’s Day. As it approaches and you consider what gifts to get that special mom in your life, think about getting her something she can use every day. Need some help? Here are 5 great car-related gift ideas for mom this year.

Phone Charger

Make sure that while your mom is out in her car that her phone always has enough juice to do things like use a maps app or call roadside assistance in case of emergency. If she has a car charger already, upgrade her to a new one. Maybe one with a longer cord or a cute decorative design she would like.

Car Wash Membership

If you were the child responsible for dirtying up your mom’s car, pay her back now with a car wash membership. It will be a nice sentiment to give her a chance to get her car cleaned, with less hassle, and free up time in her busy day to go do something for herself.

Customized Interior

Depending on your mom’s preferences, you can customize the inside of her car. She may like some fun seat covers or rearview mirror decorations. You can even hang a cute family picture, as a memento and to remind her that you love and appreciate her every day.

Air Freshener

Perhaps you were the reason that, while you were growing up, your mother’s car always seemed to have a less-than-pleasant scent to it. If so, make sure that never happens again by giving her a fun air freshener. Even if her car has always been clean and nice, consider giving her a creative air cleanser so she has a pleasant smelling fragrance to greet her when she gets in her car.

Garbage Bag

As a child, my mom’s car had a garbage bag with Velcro straps attached to the back of the driver’s seat. I always found this to be extremely useful and convenient. The container holds a fair amount of garbage, is easy to dump out, and helps avoid some of the clutter that trash creates.

Stay tuned for more gifts in Part 2 tomorrow!

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