Making the most of tailgating, some dos and don’ts


Now that you are all settled in at school, it’s finally time for game day and the fun that is tailgating! Here are some tailgating tips that I have learned from my experiences attending a variety of game days.

Do: Bring sunglasses
On an extremely sunny day like many game days, sunglasses are a basic necessity. Bring a cute pair to compliment your burnt orange, red or whatever color outfit you may be sporting. A good pair of sunglasses will help you see the game action without an intense glare in your eyes and they look good, too!

Don’t: Forget cash
At many college stadiums, there is a wide variety of food and beverage selections. I have learned to bring cash as it is more convenient to use than a debit or credit card in a crowded stadium food line. It is also easier to keep track of your spending on some of the expensive foods they serve at many games. Here at UT they are coming out with some brand new selections from well-known chain restaurants that will be placed in the stadium, so I know I will be bringing cash to every game.

Do: Wear cowboy boots
Cowboy boots are a fashion and tradition must in the south. If your favorite team happens to be in another area of the country, consider adding cowboy boots to your outfit. They can be a fun addition to any festive gear. Seeing everyone around campus in boots and burnt orange where I attend college is a true testament to our school pride and celebrates the fact that it is finally game day!

Don’t: Forget to print your ticket
A popular trend for myself and many other game-goers is to buy football tickets online. It is easy, quick and convenient. Before you head over to the tailgate, don’t forget to print your ticket out at home. This is helpful so you are not dealing with the stress of tracking down a ticket while all your friends are relaxing and enjoying the festivities of a great tailgate.

Do: Wear festive gear
Bring your A-game to the tailgate section; the best of the best fans are the ones attending the tailgates. Wear your best gear and sport your school colors. Maybe bring some face paint or temporary tattoos to the tailgate and have fun painting your friends’ faces before you head into the game.

Don’t: Sit on the wrong side of the stadium
This can apply to the tailgate and to inside the stadium. When at the tailgate, make sure you are in the right section to avoid awkward tension or strange looks as you sport the opposite color of everyone else around you. Some school rivalries can get more heated than others, but being surrounded by fans who share your team passion can make the tailgate and game experience all the better.

The party ain’t over. For more inspiration and tips read The Top 10 Playmakers for your Tailgate Party.”

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