How to make your own dog car seat, with Adam Savage


Looking to fill up on auto news? We’ve clocked some miles traversing the Web for all things auto-related. Pull in, grab a coffee and digest some of the week’s most interesting news with us.


Adam Savage’s DIY puppy car seat can be secured in place and protects your upholstery,” Lifehacker

Dogs might not be a new car owner’s best friend, especially when it comes to the upholstery, but help is at hand, and the click of a mouse. Adam Savage shows owners, in a 28-minute video, how to make a secure seat that stays in place even when the dogs “get boisterous,” as Lifehacker reports. Savage, known for presenting TV show “MythBusters” and now contributing to website Tested, is filmed making the pet accessory that was designed to protect the backseats of his own brand new car. “Ultimately Adam wanted a seat that wouldn’t move around in the car or get pushed out of the way or into the floor when the dogs moved around,” writes Lifehacker’s Alan Henry.

Read the article and watch the video at Lifehacker


Car headlight performance found to be not so bright,” Consumer Reports

A new study on car headlight performance reached a dim conclusion with only one in 31 cars tested earning a “Good” rating. The Toyota Prius V received that score, while 19 vehicles got “Poor” or “Marginal” scores, writes Jen Stockburger of Consumer Reports, who says the results mirror those of the magazine’s own tests. “If those results are surprising to you, they weren’t to us,” writes Stockburger. “Although we would agree that headlights have improved over the past decade, we still feel there is room for more advancement, especially for straight-ahead low beam distances that matter most.”

Read the full article in Consumer Reports


Meet the women behind the cars of the New York Auto Show,” Fortune

Perhaps a lesser-known trend in the auto industry is the growing number of women engineers and designers. The New York International Auto Show, including dazzling vehicles women have helped design and engineer, provides Fortune’s Jaclyn Trop with the opportunity to take a look at this trend, and talk to four of the women behind some of the vehicles on display. They include Michelle Christensen, the exterior design lead of the Acura NSX, and the first women to lead design on a supercar, who “grew up working on muscle cars with her father in their San Jose, CA, garage,” writes Trop.

Read the full article in Fortune


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