Google wants its self-driving cars to drive like humans


Looking to fill up on auto news? We’ve clocked some miles traversing the Web for all things auto-related. Pull in, grab a coffee and digest some of the week’s most interesting news with us.


Google teaching self-driving cars to drive like humans,” CNET

Google’s hesitant self-driving cars have been getting into accidents with unpredictable human drivers, CNET reports, citing a Wall Street Journal article. The cars unhelpfully “brake at the slightest possibility of trouble,” says CNET. Now Google engineers are taking steps to teach the cars to drive more like people.

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What it’s like to ride in a Google self-driving car,” The Washington Post

Its self-driving cars may not be finished articles yet, but The Washington Post journalist Matt McFarland gives a taste of what it’s like to ride-along in one, including coming to a complete stop when a passing car appears around a bend. Check out his verdict.

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Vin Diesel promises Fast & Furious fans one final trilogy,” The Verge

Vin Diesel has announced on Facebook a final trilogy will bring the hugely popular franchise to a close. Not such a fast finish but understandable from Universal Pictures’ point of view: the last movie “Furious 7” earned $1.5 billion worldwide.

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Tesla unveils Model X electric car with falcon wing doors,” BBC News

The electric car-maker has launched its third model; a family-friendly SUV with eye-catching “falcon wings” which help parents put their children inside. Watch the video of the launch in California to see those wings in action.

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Volkswagen to ‘refit’ 11 million diesel vehicles [UPDATE],” Autoblog

Some 11 million Volkswagen customers will be asked to visit dealerships to have their vehicles refitted following the diesel emissions scandal, Autoblog says, referencing Reuters.

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VW Diesel Scandal,” Autoblog

If you drive a VW vehicle, you might also want to check out Autoblog’s “VW Diesel Scandal” page with a comprehensive collection of articles covering the issue.

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See you next week for more automotive news. Drive safe.

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