Cyber Monday deals for your car: accessories

Black Friday marks a high profile start to a holiday season of new car deals that is gaining popularity. But if you’re happy with your current vehicle, Cyber Monday could be a day for you to save money on car products and accessories.

Here’s a selection of Cyber Monday deals for your wheels, and some suggestions for how they could enhance your ride.

Car DVD player
Something to entertain the kids while you go on a road trip or even carpool. Backseat movies can calm them down and keep them distracted, so they are not distracting you while driving. Best Buy has some great options for car DVD players that you can purchase and install, and is a good option for other car-tech needs.

Radio receiver
If you are looking to upgrade or change your radio system, you can buy amazing adapters that can channel local radio stations or play your own personalized music via your mobile device. Best Buy has some good dash receiver options to look at.

For a new set of tires, make your way to the Wal-Mart Cyber Monday sales, offering a wide selection. With the harsh winter weather nearly upon us, it might be time to consider a set of winter tires. Wal-Mart has a number of tire specials lined up as part of its Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale celebration.

Car seats
For very young passengers, safety precautions like car seats are essential, but can get expensive. Save some money at the Target sale with a large selection of car seats for a range of ages and child sizes. Target also has a handy guide to help you decide which size and fit is appropriate for your child. I visit the Target website every year for their amazing Cyber Monday deals.

Online shopping can provide a hassle-free alternative to the crazed malls of the holiday season, and some attractive savings. If you’re seeking some Cyber Monday deals, don’t forget about your car.

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