Black Friday car sales beckon


The season is almost upon us. Carmakers and dealerships are offering deep discounts to entice shoppers into showrooms for Black Friday car sales.

Black Friday advertising started early for several manufacturers this year, adding to the growth of an event that kicks off a whole holiday season of car sales during November and December. No longer are shoppers simply heading to malls for bargain-priced electronic goods, clothes and the like. The day after Thanksgiving offers “some of the sweetest deals of the year” on cars, according to Forbes, as the auto industry follows a trend set by the retail industry.

If you are in the market for a new car, truck or SUV, then you have the chance to realize sizeable savings on vehicles offered by a host of major automakers over the weekend and beyond.

“Perfect storm” for Black Friday car sales

“Bargains are available because of a perfect storm of conditions,” writes Philip Reed of Edmunds in his article ‘Black Friday car shopping tips’. “Shoppers have come to expect all kinds of retail deals on Black Friday, and carmakers want to take advantage of that buzz.” Furthermore, Thanksgiving’s position at the end of the month and toward the end of the year “finds many dealers selling cars at a discount to meet sales goals from manufacturers. In turn, carmakers offer generous incentives and rebates to move last-model-year inventory off the lots.”

Anyone planning to visit a dealership on Black Friday itself could find it very busy. Edmunds recommends doing your homework first and getting online to check dealership websites for discount details.

Pre-approved financing

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