5 Road Trip Destinations for Spring Break 2016

Spring break is just around the corner! As I planned my trip, I found some great spots for college students like me, or anyone for that matter. In my opinion, these are some of the best places to visit, so grab your friends and plan your trip for some spring break fun! My top five favorite road trip destinations for spring break are:


Manhattan Beach, Calif.
With the famous California beach atmosphere, Manhattan Beach offers visitors a young people’s scene fun-filled with shops, beaches, restaurants, and exciting nightlife. You can walk the pier during the day, play a little beach volleyball, go surfing and enjoy dinner by the water at night. I can’t think of anything better. Los Angeles is not far away if you are looking for a little add-on to your spring break trip.


New Orleans, La.
New Orleans is a gorgeous city with so much to do for a spring break trip. You can walk the French Quarter, stop in Jackson Square, or visit City Park to enjoy some outdoor activities during the day. After visiting these fascinating sites, you can grab some incredible, traditional New Orleans food before heading to Bourbon or Uptown for a fun night with friends.


Galveston, Texas
If you’re looking to travel in Texas, but hoping to avoid the craziness of South Padre Island, then Galveston is a great place to stay. It’s an adorable town by the beach, with the Pleasure Pier amusement park and great shopping (filled with surf shops and candy stores), in which to walk around and enjoy your day. There are some great restaurants along the strand (seafood and more) where you and your friends can enjoy a classic dinner in this cute little beach town.


Fort Lauderdale, Fla.
A classic spring break destination for many families and groups of friends. With the amazing Florida feeling of beaches and parks, topped off with beautiful waters and a river walk, Fort Lauderdale has a lot to offer. With a college spring break following as well, there is a lot for people of all ages to do. Rent a house or condo with your friends, and you won’t be disappointed by this destination.


Key West, Fla.
Key West is an amazingly scenic destination at which to stop on a spring break road trip through the Florida Keys. With coral reefs and marine life, you and your friends can enjoy a boat ride and even go scuba diving or snorkeling in the waters along the beautiful Florida coast. With everything Mallory Square has to offer – shopping, great restaurants and nightlife – Key West is ready to provide the setting for a memorable spring break road trip.

Among so many options, these are some of my favorite spring break road trip destinations (especially for college students like me).

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