Working with Santander Consumer USA Inc.

Working with Santander Consumer USA Inc.
At Santander Consumer USA, we help people get into the car of their dreams. From our Drive® program to RoadLoans to Santander Auto Finance®, we offer a full-range of auto financing options.
Through our RoadLoans Youtube page and other outlets, we receive comments from customers every day talking about their auto financing. Many are happy they attained auto financing through us, having been turned down from another financial institution. John from Canada, for instance, recently gave a testimonial following the purchase of his second automobile through RoadLoans. And a dealer in New York recently told us about a customer who was so thrilled with her car and financing from Santander, she went around the dealership hugging the employees and thanking them for their help.
We all know that buying a car is a big financial responsibility (second only to buying a home), and keeping on top of our payments is important to ensuring a positive with the company providing the financing. Santander Consumer USA is just like any other company providing a service.
So how can you ensure that you have a great experience with your auto financing from Santander? The simplest way is to make your payments in the correct amount and on-time. In fact, you can even pay more than your monthly payment amount and pay off the automobile note early, which will save you some interest in the long run. If you do get behind on a payment, you can contact Santander at 888 222 4227 and we will work with you to see if there are adjustments we can make to your account to help you catch up on your payments to bring your account current.
The bottom line is, we hope you have a great experience with your auto financing from Santander!  And the most likely way to make this happen is simply by making your correct payments on-time.  We even have a free AutoPay program that allows you to set up a recurring monthly payment so that you never have to worry about late or missed payments. Visit for more information or ask a service agent for more information at 888 222 4227.
If you have any questions, feel free to contact Santander at (888) 222-4227.

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