Why you should apply at RoadLoans before visiting a dealership

Why you should apply at RoadLoans before visiting a dealershipI’m often asked a variation of the following questions:

  • “Why should I apply for automobile financing with RoadLoans before I ever visit a car dealer?”
  • “What is the difference between applying with RoadLoans or the dealer?”

This is why so many people choose RoadLoans before going to the dealer to apply for financing.

With RoadLoans, you’ll know your approval details before ever leaving your computer. There is no longer a need to wonder if you can get approved or for how much – you will already know. Once you are approved you can immediately start searching for a vehicle that you want to purchase.

With RoadLoans you have options. You will receive up to three different financing packages from which to choose. We give you the ability to choose the arrangement that works best for your budget.

With a RoadLoans approval you are in control of your purchase, because you have the flexibility to negotiate with the dealer like a cash customer, who get the best deals. No more hoping to get a particular vehicle and then getting to the dealer to find out that they cannot get you approved for financing or cannot get you approved for the amount that you need.

Most vehicles have wiggle room in the price so that you can negotiate with the dealer. You have control since you know your approval terms before ever stepping onto the car lot. For more info on negotiating your vehicle read the blog “The Art of Negotiating the Best Deal” on our blog, The Open Road.

Since we know you want options, we allow you to take your offer to any dealer you would want. You are not stuck or tied down to one dealership. There are many dealers out there, and we want you to be able to choose the one where you can get the best deal and best vehicle possible.

RoadLoans is a brand of one of the largest banks in the world – Santander – so you can have confidence that you are connected with a solid company that has been financing vehicles for over a decade.

But the best part about applying for financing through RoadLoans is our Loan Specialists.

We have specialists – the best in the business, we think – who are genuinely concerned for you and want you to get the vehicle that you desire for a reasonable price. We will walk you through the buying process and share the tools of the trade so that you can get the best deal.

Now that you know why you should apply with us, there is just one last thing to do. Click the apply button on the website and let us show you how we help customers get the vehicles of their dreams.

By William Womack,

Senior Loan Specialist

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