Valentine’s Day: Which cars, trucks are most fetching to the opposite sex? (Part 2)

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Cleanliness is next to attractiveness when it comes to capturing the attention of the opposite sex with our vehicles, Valentine’s Day or not.

That is among the findings of a survey of 2,000 drivers by

And the results are similar for women and men, unlike the results on which we reported yesterday which showed dramatic differences – women preferring men in black pickup trucks, preferably Fords, and men preferring women in red sports cars, preferably BMWs.

No matter what brand of car you own, said Mike Magrath at, either gender can make their cars more appealing by taking good care of them – keeping them clean and operating properly.

“How well a car is maintained is a determinant of attractiveness,” Magrath asserted at “Like the black Ford truck and the red BMW, it goes beyond simple conveyance. It says this woman cares about how she treats herself and how she maintains her possessions.”

Joe Wiesenfelder, executive editor of Chicago-based, agrees that “if the car is well kept, there’s a better chance the owner takes good care of him or herself.”

The most important attributes survey participants identified when asked what’s most important about a car belonging to the opposite sex, 45 percent of women and 43 percent of men cited cleanliness. Additionally, 37 percent of women and 29 percent of men say vehicle reliability is most important.

Less important to survey participants is that a vehicle is expensive (women, 4 percent, and men, 6 percent), that a vehicle is new or “new-ish” (women 6 percent, and men 9 percent), and that a vehicle is “interesting” (women 7 percent, and men 12 percent), reported.

The biggest turn-offs – about the same for men and women – are:

–          Cigarette butts in the ashtray (men 23 percent, women 23 percent)

–          Trash on the seats (men 23 percent, women 22 percent)

–          Bad loud music (men 16 percent, women 21 percent)

Other turn-offs, according to survey participants, included bumper stickers for political candidates, car dents, loud exhaust and pine tree air freshener.

Though she cited no supporting data, Jessica Caldwell of also believes most folks are put off by Hawaiian leis dangling from rear view mirrors and backseats inhabited by stuffed animals.

And while mail trucks ranked last as a vehicle attractive men drive – see Part 1 of “Valentine’s Day: Which vehicles are most fetching to the opposite sex” – Caldwell points to “chick cars” as especially troublesome for male drivers. “I would think twice about dating a guy driving … anything labeled a chick car. Telling your friends, ‘Yeah, my new boyfriend drives a [chick car],’ that would be very humiliating.”

But, with a little luck, our blog posts will boost your odds of a date on Valentine’s Day or any other day.


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